Miriam Grossman talks about giving head

Australia waits for Miriam Grossman to land on our shores to spread her god virus amongst us.

She talks about oral sex and throat cancer while in New Zealand doing the rounds.  She’s making big claims that nobody tells anyone the risk of the  human papilloma virus, which may be spread through sexual contact.  The HPV has a vaccine, unlike religion.

You can see her on New Zealand’s Close Up here where she’s keen to spread the word that sex is evil and should only be had when you’re married.

Grossman is keen to talk about oral sex, which she clearly thinks is a bad idea because it may give you throat cancer.  She could probably do with a bit of oral sex, it would probably cheer her up a bit.  Sucking dick does have it’s risks, as does any sex if you have multiple partners.  The idea isn’t to tell kids not to do it, because that won’t stop them, the idea is to tell kids that there are risks and what those risks are, and more importantly how to protect themselves.  Grossman says that the medical evidence isn’t being taught to kids, and yet, in looking at some of the website she accuses of having misinformation it seems pretty clear that in fact the information is there and being taught.   Grossman mentions oral sex because it has shock value.  Alas, as we all know, oral sex is not anything to do with sexual relationships – just ask Bill.

Checking in on the Facebook page for Close Up it’s clear that her brand of sex education isn’t welcome in New Zealand.  Here’s a sample of comments:

What a load of crap. What is that woman doing over here in New Zealand? When we lived in the US, 7 years ago, our 2 teenage daughters were in Middle School, aged 13 and 14. Out of the 25 students, more then half of the girls were pregnant.  Before telling someone else what to do, she should clean up her own back yard.

Bad choice putting an American prude on, not a good representation of discussion in NZ

Get the foreigner off! Fix your own country before you trample around in our backyard!!!

I think Dr Grossman needs to get a life

Clearly this lady spent more time in the library than she did sucking d!#K.

omfg the AMERICAN SO IGNORANT SO IGNORANT. I DON’T EVEN NEEED TO SAY ANYMORE. teenagers are going to have sex whenever the hell they please, they need to be educated on how to be safe about it or we’ll just get more stds and preganancys.

There are of course comments that go the other way, you can check those out too.

Grossman is in New Zealand to attend the Family First Forum – seems that Family First is a lobby group in New Zealand that is your typical fundamental christian fuckwits that think nobody but married people should have children.  Sort of like a NZ version of the ACL.  I’m sure there are tickets still available, I don’t think it’d be a sell out.  I hear some of our very own ACL members are heading over for the wank-fest.

Grossman will be in Australia for her Sunday chat with the locals at the Glen Eira College, be sure to check in with Mike Stuchbery he has asked the question about why a state school is hosting such an event.

See, I think that a state school performing arts centre – ostensibly a school hall – is the least appropriate place to host a speaker who would be there to marginalize and abuse young gay men and women, telling them that there is something wrong with them and they can be ‘fixed’.

He asks good questions.  I’m aware that several people have written to the school asking for some clarification.  It would seem that the school can’t find the reply button on their email program.

You can also check out Ideologically Impure, there’s a promise of an in-depth blog to come, that should be fun!

On the other side, there’s a blog called Leeds which sounds remarkably like a variety of onion, Leeds thanks me for bringing this talk to its attention and is keen to get along.  I’m not sure who the Leeds is, but according to its friend:

failures as an educator and writer as well as a person and a role model

Leeds says this:

For the very very reasons that they try to howl her down and people like her, who obviously talk commonsense and have done their research, I want to hear what she has to say and it sounds as though her book may be an interesting and good read.

When you base your sexuality and education on texts that were written well over 2000 years ago, you are not applying common sense.  Like all religious types there is no common sense to any of this.  The starting point is, this is what the bible says, therefore everything I do will be based on that.

That’s crazy.

Free speech is fine, however, if you put yourself out in the public and base your talk on pseudo science and make-believe, expect people to exercise their free speech right against your insanity.





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