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Over at the blog, Galus Australis, Mark Baker has written a delightful piece on a recent trip to Germany.  He explains how he and his students found a monument and inside the monument was an image of two men kissing.

During World War II, gay people, as well as jews and others were rounded up and killed by the nazis.  This was a stark reminder of those times gone by.

Mark talks about how the laws that contributed to the murder of gay people stayed in place long after the war.  He questions how we continue to let that sort of discrimination happen.

It is indeed telling that even today hatred and discrimination abounds around the world for gay people.  The comments still reflect this pathetic notion that while the torah/bible prohibits homosexuality, and it can never be approved of, we have to tolerate them.

Religion gets in the way of freedom of others.  Sure, you can believe whatever you like, but you may not use your faith, your religion, to restrict the freedom of others.

Religion is so fucked up, that prohibiting anything in our society based on it’s texts, it’s rules, is flawed.

Some of the respondents still use religion as a weapon to hide behind.  They spout all the right things, but refuse to see that their words, their faith, still creates an environment that breeds hate and distrust of gay people.  Their god still permits the religious to  cause great emotional stress to gay people of faith, just look at how the current pope talks about us:

The homosexual inclination is however ‘objectively disordered’ and homosexual practices are ‘sins gravely contrary to chastity’.

and there are still pockets in the jewish tradition that think it’s possible to convert to heterosexuality.

The accusation of having a closed mind whips around the chat forums, people accusing each other of being closed minded.  Time and time again I’m suprised at how easily those who are silly enough to believe in a rather stupid notion of god are prepared to throw science out the window and accuse those that want to use it as being closed minded.

Here it is for you again, there is no god, there is no reason to treat gay people as second class citizens, there is no reason to deny marriage equality to all Australians.

Take your god and shove his head in a bucket of warm cow shit and tell him to inhale deeply.  Get it?

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