Election called.

The voters in Australia will be forced to go and vote at an election in a few of weeks.  Forced, because if we don’t vote we get fined.

Yesterday the Prime Minister of Australia went to visit the Governor General of Australia, both women and I’m sure they were moist as they sat down to talk about having an election.  Nipples standing on edge no doubt.  Which is probably unusual, it’s normally men sitting cross-legged trying to hide their raging boners as they discuss such things.

Anyway, what’s been missing in the Australian system is a party that isn’t beholden to religion. Until now.  Just recently the Secular Party of Australia has been registered, and guess what, they’re standing at this election!  At last a bunch of people who want to get rid of stupid laws that allow governments to fund religion.

I’ve been saying for ages that we need to tax the bastards, we need to stop our leaders from taking part in debates organised by religion.  We need to shut up people like Cardinal Hell who has way to much influnence in the political sphere.

And here it is.

So, that’s the Greens and the Seculars who get my vote this time around.  No pandering to the religious nutters, equality for all Australians, protection for the environment and at last, pollies that won’t get moist and hard at the thought of all the power they will wield…. I think.

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2 Responses to Election called.

  1. Warwick says:

    Compulsory voting is far better than the alternative where the majority don’t both to, while the priests and imams give their flock of sheep specific voting instructions.

    The Australian Electoral Commission is tasked with educating and encouraging across-the-board registration. It’s an essential element of a democracy.

    Sure, it would be ideal if we didn’t need compulsory voting. Maybe one day when everyone is well-educated and no-one believes the stories of 2000 year-old desert tribes (or more recent stories from pedo-repressed priests and sado-warrior prophets) we’ll be able to have that little extra freedom. Until then, the AEC is an essential vanguard against special interest control of voting.

    • Bruce says:

      Oh yes, I agree, compulsory voting is a good thing, I didn’t mean it to sound like I was against the concept. In fact, I am puzzled that other nations don’t enforce voting by its citizens, it forces you to make a decision (even if it’s a donkey vote) and therefore the responsibility of government is upon all the citizens, not just those that vote.

      Thanks for the comment. Willy wave for you.