Abbott the Rabbit


The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott has been talking.  The man shouldn’t open his mouth.

In a nutshell, the man, who seeks advice from Cardinal Hell, tells women they should keep their virginity and treat is as a gift – a gift that should be open like a box of chocolates says my Love Llama.

Abbott was once told to keep ‘your rosary off my ovaries’ and yet, here is the potential Australian Prime Minister dictating moral standings to the populace.

“I think all of us should act in ways that value ourselves. I’m trying not to be prescriptive here, I am trying not to be a preacher, but if someone asks my advice I would say don’t do anything you will live to regret if you can possibly help it.”

Yes, indeed, we should act in a way that values ourselves, so mind your own business, you are being prescriptive in trying to inflict your version of morality on other people who do not follow your rather quaint and Victorian views.  If someone asks your advice the correct response is “What do you think?  You should follow your own values”  It’s pretty easy.

In fairness he was probably only asked about girls – he has three himself, but he makes no mention of the same rules applying for the boys.  So off you go then, wave your willy around and see if there are any girls out there with a gift to give you.  I’m going off now to do a bit of willy waving, but not at girls…. I wonder what he feels about that then.

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One Response to Abbott the Rabbit

  1. Andrew says:

    Isn’t this the same Abbott who thought he had fathered a son out of (quaint word) “wedlock” (therefore must have been rogering maidens)? So the guy was spraying his seed around like an out-of-control firehose and now gets all preachy. Fucking hypocrite.