Mark Rabich is a bit rabid

This llama is currently engaged in a conversation of sorts with Mark Rabich1, it’s a Facebook discussion that goes backwards and forwards and really gets nowhere.  We have two very different views of the world, he’s is based on accepting that the bible is the word of god, his god, and that everything should sprout from that point. If you don’t know my world view, read some blogs, it’ll became pretty clear to you.

I just like this response to me – It’s so christian… I’ve added my notes in brackets and in green for you!

[facebook quote]

Mark Rabich commented on XXXX XXXX Photo:
“Bruce – I’ve been a Christian almost 24 years and a serious student of the Bible the last 3 especially. (How anyone can be serious about the bible is beyond me.) It is an incredible work (of fiction) written in such a way as to be more relevant in the 21st Century than any other book because it documents the heart of man (You really need to read more widely, I’d suggest the “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins would be better), which you are displaying for all to see its rebellious nature. The more I read it, the more opinions like the one you are giving make me wonder whether to laugh or be sad at such willful ignorance. (Willful indeed)

You do not sit in judgement of the Bible, Bruce, it judges YOU and finds that YOU have failed. (Actually, I have made a judgement about the bible – it’s shit and should be treated as really bad fiction, almost as bad as Harry Potter) You have failed to acknowledge something bigger than yourself that is able to break the power of death itself. (That’s not a failure, I have a very realistic view of death. You die, you can’t break the power of death) Everything is filtered through that great tortured journey through your black heart and muddled mind.(My mind is uncluttered with tales derived from rabid goat fuckers in the year dot, my heart is pumping blood – it’s probably not black. My life journey is interesting and not tortured, I have learned much, among the things I’ve learned is how to spot people judging me while pretending not to) The problem is you love darkness more than light.(I quite like bright sunny days, and I am very fond of dark cloudless nights so I can see the stars) That the Bible is difficult to understand in some sections is merely a hurdle God has placed in our lives to see if we will be diligent in searching for truth, (Why? Why make it so hard?) like a hidden treasure in a maze of any number of false choices. (Even a maze has an exit, the bible is full of contradictions and stupid stories that mean nothing) We are constantly being tested in any number of different ways. (Tested? Why? By who?) But some things in it are beyond dispute – Jesus himself and his work is beyond question. (No, not beyond question, and there’s your problem, you don’t question – I do.  Jesus is a non-entity) We have enough knowledge available to us NOW in order to choose wisely. (Oh you don’t have anything that I find remotely credible, and you don’t like that people say that). And yet little Bruce thinks his opinions change historical facts. (What do you know about facts? In Matthew 27:52 we find this:

The graves opened. Many of God’s people who had died rose from death. They came out of their graves after Jesus rose from death. They went into Jerusalem. Many people saw them there.

That seems to be a fact to me, if you believe in the bible as a true historic account of the death of jesus,  the description is very clear, dead people walked the streets of Jerusalem, many people saw them there, but yet outside that passage there is nothing recorded in either Roman or Jewish history why is that?  Dead people walking around is pretty amazing stuff and surely would be the stuff of legend.  Oh, I know why, it didn’t happen and it’s made up.)

That is a fail on the grandest scale. But I hope you will come to your senses sooner rather than later. (I have my senses, you seem to lack the ability to think critically when it comes to matters biblical)

Its relevance to the issue of homosexuality is unquestionable because it acknowledges the depravity of man in the very first book Genesis with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. (As I have already established, the bible is a work of fiction, it’s a fairy tale and after all this time people still want to use it as a weapon to control people they don’t like) Here we are in 2010, and Man sets himself against God again. (Here we are in 2010 and PEOPLE (because half of us are women) still treat the bible as something worthy of our respect) So we are still here, the same male and female humans, making the same mistakes. (Well that’s not true, we don’t make the same mistakes, we don’t beat children, we don’t kill adulterers by stoning, we don’t do the whole slavery thing, don’t you think it’s time to address sexuality properly and actually listen to those that know and don’t use old books to quote from?) The reason you don’t need much more than the Bible because, as Solomon wrote, there really is “nothing new under the sun.” (Well of course there is, for starters we now know the Earth revolves around the sun, you did know that didn’t you?) Even people exactly like you are mentioned in it, Bruce, did you know that? (The bible talks about rabid llamas with egos bigger than my shoe size?)

Without God, your only alternative is to believe that matter just exploded into being from nothing (Why is it the only alternative?  What a pointless statement, you don’t know how the universe started, neither do I – at least I don’t pretend some unknown entity created it by having a bit of a think) and organized itself into life so complicated centuries of accumulated knowledge of mankind still doesn’t fully understand it, let alone emulate it. (Is that seriously an argument?) LOL! (Oh wait, maybe it’s a joke) If that isn’t a fairy story and “out of touch with reality”, then nothing is!!! You seriously expect me to believe THAT when EVERY experience of my life tells me that an effect is NEVER greater than its cause??? (You seriously believe that your god created you out of dust?  Lunacy!) Lunacy! (Snap!) Head-spinning madness!!! I just mentioned that people like you are mentioned in the Bible, Bruce – yes they are – they are called, rightfully, fools. (Oh, that’s a bit personal) Fools because they would not believe even if the dead were raised in front of their eyes, fools because they will not honestly approach the limited evidence available to them, fools because they think everything just ‘is’ without God. (You have heard of science, you know, where they prove stuff… but I guess when that evidence is presented to you you’d soon just ignore it or pretend they aren’t right)

God exists, Bruce, get over yourself, (Where?  Is he on Twitter? There is no god – never has been, never will be) and I’ve got even worse news for you – He owns your life. Every heartbeat, every breath, every step – everything. (Then he really fucked up – I have ingrown toenails, you’d reckon he’d get that right.  I have root canal treatment, you’d reckon he’d get that right, my kneecaps hurt, you reckon he’d get that right – I’d like to ask for a non-faulty body if you don’t mind)

It is time you asked yourself “the big questions”. (I have – have you?) Here’s some to get you started:

Did Jesus exist and if so, what can we know about him?  (Well depending on who you want to believe, either christians or non  – the answer seems to be no) How does that knowledge affect what we think we know about the world around us? (Even if he did exist he was just a left-wing socialist that the jewish establishment didn’t like so they had him killed)
Why does the Christian Church exist? (Oh people like Paul enjoy the power to lord it over the peasants) What happened to kick start this movement which fundamentally changed the world? (Power, property, lack of education)

But I seriously doubt you would approach these questions with even a modicum of honesty. (I just did, have you?) Until you do, please don’t bother me with your skewed Bruce Llama take on ‘truth’ again. (I’m bothering you?  How about you try to answer some of my questions) If there’s one thing Bruce Llama will never do is give in to something that means he has to change his thinking in a way that costs him some control of his life. (If there is one thing Mark Rabich can do, is release himself from supernatural beliefs and live in the real world) In the battle between truth and Bruce Llama, truth always loses. (It’d be ok, I know when I’m wrong.  Do you?)

btw, I love how you think that I’m dictating to others how to live their lives, when all I am doing is not wanting them to force ME to celebrate unhealthy (What?  unhealthy?  You mean like some sort of sexually transmitted disease, just like straight people have?) sexual practices, (No one is asking you to do anything with your bits that you don’t want to do) that strangely enough, God also says are wrong. (As has already been established, there is no god to give a rats arse where I stick my people poker) And leave real marriage alone – if some don’t want to marry (defined as someone of the opposite or other sex),  (until recently in Australia, that wasn’t defined) then I say, fine, you are FREE to go away then. (I don’t want to marry anyone, but I do think that we all have the right to live our lives as we choose, and for some of us that means marrying someone of the same sex) But then, like most people about the issue of homosexuality, you have virtually everything that matters backwards. (Oh no, that’s not right – I know what matters, you seem to have trouble with the concept) The gay activists will scream and rant and rave like petulant children until they get their way. (Yes, and well they should because people like you with your outdated dogma and religious believes are standing in the way of freedom and happiness) Just WHO is dictating to who “how to live their lives”?” (Who indeed)
[end facebook quote]

My expectation is that Mark will not be willing to see this as anything other than an attack and an attempt to avoid the real questions. He will think that he as a christian is being persecuted, and that will make him happy because jesus told him that would happen. He may even offer some prayers for me, in some vague sort of gesture that might bring me to understand his truth.

You know what? All I want is for the christians to butt out of my life. I don’t subscribe to your crazy rules, and I don’t want them impacting on my life. I’m happy for you to believe what ever you want, I support your right to have those quaint little beliefs. I also have the right to call them crazy, stupid, fucked up and just plain silly. When you respect that a vast majority of the world doesn’t accept your god or jesus as important then you may be humbled to accept people as they are. You can’t. You are too puffed up with your own importance and arrogance to see beyond you little tribal squabbles.

  1. A quick Google search finds that Mark Rabich has been spouting his religious clap trap all over the internet for a few years now – he likes to write letters to The Age and has been the subject of several blogs
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  1. That people are so unwilling to critically examine what they believe, what they take on ‘faith’ beggars belief.

    Arguing with Christians is easy since they base their belief on a book that is demonstrably ludicrous. It doesn’t take much time to point out that later writers of the Bible contradicts Jesus Christ himself and that Christians have taken the words of a man as more important since they’re easier to obey than what Jesus himself commanded (uphold the old laws, including circumcision) or that for the alleged death of Jesus to mean anything at all (which isn’t much since it doesn’t make any sense to begin with) you HAVE to believe there was an Adam and Eve and that precedes the even more ludicrous tale of the 600 year old Noah and his boat.

    For anybody to still believe in that, they have to lie to themselves extensively and that makes it easy to argue with them (but not win, people who are able to accept what Christians do purely on faith are not easily swayed by reality).

    I find it MUCH more difficult speaking to ‘spiritual’ people who don’t believe in Christianity per se, but have invented their own story based on absolutely nothing. You can’t argue with that because there is nothing more to say, other than, ‘you’re fucking delusional’.

    Good post, but the stupidity and vacuous drivel that come up in arguments like that just irritate me these days, so I try to keep it to a minimum myself.

  2. Mark says:

    Sorry, Bruce, it was either the footy or you. And then visiting my mum in hospital. And my Bible Study. And, well, you know how it is… you actually lost badly by about 10 goals. But now I have time to entertain myself with your childish opinions just before going to bed.

    “Which version of christianity do you ascribe to?”
    There’s only one – … See morerefer to Jesus for filling in the details. Note how this question is personal and NONE of mine were. Are you interested in the argument (ie. evidence only – what Jesus says since he is the founder of Christianity) or me?

    “How many heterosexual relationships have you been in?”
    Zero. But my mum and dad were, which I’m pretty glad about since I wouldn’t be alive otherwise so I kinda like the concept, as do my 4 brother and sisters, and my 11 nieces and nephews. Anyway, relevance? Why is this personal?

    “How many heterosexual relationships do you know that have ended in divorce/separation?”
    Dunno. Wouldn’t care to hazard a guess. Anyway, not relevant to the Same-sex marriage debate. What difference does it matter who I know anyway? A better source is people who have STUDIED these ISSUES on a much grander scale, not my (or yours, or anybody else’s) personal experience in isolation. How about referring to the experts maybe, Bruce? But ooooh that could be risky – they might say something authoritative then and what if it is the opposite of what you believe? Better stick to the personal guff, eh? Less confronting to your prejudices, wink, wink!

    “How many of those had children, and if applicable, how did those children turn out?”
    Some good, some bad, but probably a higher percentage of bad than if their biological parents had been together to raise them. That’s in line with mountains of studies. I think I know what you’re trying to say, Bruce, but why don’t you come and SAY it instead of beating around the bush? The simple fact is that a government endorses real marriage as an ideal to give kids the best chance of a good start. It doesn’t always work out that way, but you don’t then go out and endorse bad outcomes as normal as a solution. Same-sex ‘marriage’ will increase poor outcomes for children, that’s a fact. Don’t play this ‘there are exceptions’ GAME, ok? We are talking about children – real lives – vulnerable people who need to be looked after – not political points for selfish adults. For every so-called ‘normal’ kid raised by 2 ‘mummies’ or 2 ‘daddies’, there will be a significantly higher number that are screwed up. Way to go, Bruce.

    “here you go, direct questions for you.”
    ROFL! You consider that difficult?!? Bruce, you ACTUALLY think that Jesus never existed! You seriously consider that a rational answer!!!! Never mind the gargantuan historical evidence that contradicts that. Even though your pathetic ‘answers’ did not validate your ‘turn’ to have questions, I answered them anyway, but all you’ve proved from your ‘answers’ is that you’re not interested in truth.


    So now it must be my turn again. Since you disputed my contention that homosexual activity is unhealthy, (I’ll ignore your muddlement of identity with behaviour) have a quick read of the following:
    Compare the vagina with the rectum in respect of potential AIDS transmission:

    V: Elastic fibres present
    R: NO elastic fibres
    V: 25-40 cells thick wall
    R: 1 cell
    V: Ph low – inactivates the virus
    R: Ph higher
    V: No M cells
    R: M cells present. Their function? To ATTRACT foreign particles for transmission to the immune system – the very target of HIV.

    The rectum is SETUP to absorb. It is part of the digestive system.

    I have 2 questions.

    Why should the government effectively endorse an activity REQUIRED by DEFINITION of the activists themselves of their so-called ‘orientation’ that greatly increases the risk of AIDS transmission?

    Also, I’m a repeat blood donor and I understand why they ask me those personal questions. They NEVER ask about some mythical ‘orientation’ btw, only what you have actually DONE sexually in the past. Knowing what you know now from the above comparison – do you think we should be accepting blood from someone who has engaged in male to male sex?

    Check out this info if you want:

    Note what they say about ‘monogamous’ relationships. The language is very carefully worded to make it clear that it doesn’t make anywhere near enough difference to matter in terms of risk. So those claims Rodney made during the debate aren’t reliable. But if the US Department of Health and Human Services isn’t authoritative enough for you… well that will reflect more on you than anything.

    btw, I think it HILARIOUS that you would consider me worthy of so much of your time to write an entire blog post on me. Have fun in your echo chamber with your straw man arguments, non sequiturs and nice green fonts. Why not write another and use a different colour this time? That’ll be fun – I’ll be famous! – and I’ll let your teacher know to come round and give you a gold star this time for extra special effort! You can even talk about it at Show and Tell! I know the maturity there will be confronting for you, but you can ask to hold the hand of the teacher if you want.

    When you’re ready to join the world of adults where people actually let the cumulative evidence speak for itself, you’ll let me know, OK? (Note – that ISN’T Dawkins and his ilk – your heroes obviously – who are too scaredy-cat to debate and have their make-believe world challenged.)

    I’m ready for bed now – I will sleep very well with your silliness to nod me off and God watching over me as I slumber. Thanks for the laugh. Good night!

    • Bruce says:

      Mark, not sure why you’re sorry.

      And not sure why it’s a problem to ask a few personal questions, it helps to build up an overview of the person, where you come from, what drives you. You don’t seem to interested in actual people.

      The fact that you think there is only one infection of christianity goes a long way to helping understand where you come from. It’s that sort of arrogance that leads to war and division between people. You really should check that…. See more

      The biology lesson was nice, cheers. I’m a bit puzzled as to why you used it. You clearly want to avoid the very obvious reason the uterus and vagina have evolved that way, it has nothing to do with penetration and absorption of semen or HIV, it’s to do with the delivery of 3kg babies, you try pushing that out through your arse, it’d make a change from the shit you’re delivering now.

      So, over all, you’ve shown yourself to be a childish, belligerent man with very little real life experience, you like to point and laugh a lot, don’t take science seriously, and when you can’t get your own way you set out to make broad generalisations based on the ramblings of crazy christians and expect that the rest of us jolly well sit up and take notice.

      You write long replies with very little content and no doubt are kicking for the wrong team.

  3. Mark says:

    Bruce – simply pointing out that you seem incapable of simple approaching the topic without adding personal attacks. That’s a bad sign for your credibility. As I pointed out to you – MY experience or YOURS is not worth much to the topic at hand, so why would you bring it up? Much better to stick to the experts, but you would rather avoid that… See more, eh?

    But I have no problem sticking to facts about the world we live in. The point with the example in regards to normal sex vs the strange alternative of using the rectum, is that it isn’t healthy. Deal with it and stop changing the subject. Who’s ‘not taking science seriously’ here? Where do you think this information comes from?

    Better keep that green font handy – I know that it makes your arguments oh so much more watertight…

    • Bruce says:

      Mark – your world view is so out of touch with reality. You didn’t hesitate to point out how I like the dark, in christian parlance that is calling me evil. You think it’s ok to make such outlandish statements.

      There’s nothing wrong with gay sex, get over it. Humans have been doing it forever, and in regards to heterosexual couples, they too do… See more anal sex, big deal. I think you might be saying that we aren’t designed to have anal sex, we are designed to have what you call ‘normal’ sex. We aren’t designed, we evolved, there is no guide book and it’s really a very silly argument.

      There are plenty of people with qualifications out there, you really should go look at some of the other studies that aren’t conducted by people with ulterior motives. But no, you don’t even want to accept anything that hasn’t be stamped as approved by some rabid christian somewhere. Try expanding your reading dear, it’ll help you understand the way the world really works, without need of supernatural influence. You get back to me when you’ve done that.

  4. Mark says:


    “There’s nothing wrong with gay sex”

    Yes there is. See comparison of the vagina and rectum above. Also refer to that link from the US Department of Health and Human Services…. See more

    “Humans have been doing it forever”

    …and getting sick by it ‘forever’ too.

    “…they too do anal sex”

    I actually know that, because it explains why male-female couplings transfer the HIV virus. In Africa, I believe it is a more common practice in lieu of contraception, which also goes some way to explain why AIDS is more prevalent there.

    “We aren’t designed, we evolved”

    Translation: I believe something came from nothing even though everything – EVERYTHING -in the known universe screams against that ridiculous assertion. But I’ll just stick my fingers in my ears and sing ‘la, la, la….’

    I’d quote the rest of your post, but it just degenerates further into some pointless rambling, so it MIGHT be worth mentioning that it was Bill who pointed to over 10,000 studies published over the last few decades that rebut you, Rodney, and the rest of you liars. You might try some ‘reading’ yourself, hey?

    • Bruce says:


      Again you fail to see that the real problem here is you and your fellow christians.

      The only reason you keep rabbiting on like you do is because you have nothing. Vague mentions of 10,000 studies, links to other sites, accusations of la la la and on you go…. See more

      Translation: I have a world view and I won’t be moved from it because I believe jesus christ died for my sins and the bible is real. Anybody that says any different is evil and a fool and I can safely ignore them.

      Scurry off to your new god’s blog Bill Muehlenberg, I’m sure he’d enjoy a bit more sucking.

      What I’d like for you to do is ask some more important questions of yourself. You seem to be lacking in that.

      As already said, I have no idea how the universe came into being, and neither do you, but I’d sooner trust the big bang theory (or any other of the 10,000 available) than your crazy god in the sky rubbish.

  5. Mark says:


    No, the problem here is that you have a perfect score in failing to address my points. You are only ready to insult and really have no argument beyond ‘I don’t like what you say’. LOL! Apparently my references aren’t good enough for you! “vague mentions”!!! I gave you plenty of stuff to read, but you’re just too lazy and narrow-… See moreminded to consider you MIGHT be WRONG!

    God can help you out of your pathetic blind darkness but it seems you reject all hope and reason. One day you’ll see that Dawkins and his ilk led you astray badly, but you had a choice. I wouldn’t trade places with you for anything. Your story so far is pretty sad.

    Wake up!

  6. Mark says:

    ….as aside to those who may have been reading this, I’d like you to realize that it’s a bit frustrating to point people to studies and knowledge that is easily discovered if one is willing to have an open mind, but end up simply getting vacuous insults as a response. If you find my demeanour a bit strong, I would like to remind people that this … See moreis actually much more important than a ‘civil rights’ issue – it is a matter of life or death. Habitual gay sex reduces your lifespan considerably (20 years or more on average), and that’s not even including AIDS.
    Believe me, if you are willing to be open and polite, you will not find me anything other than likewise. And I’ll tolerate ignorance for a awhile, but I’m just not going to back down to guys like these who think they can spout a stream of lies and politically correct drivel unchallenged. Decide for yourselves if Geoff, Bruce and Michael are actually interested in hearing anything other than what they already believe, even when it is clearly wrong. (eg. Blood Bank, US Dept. of Health and Human Services)

    It just isn’t right to demonize those who are actually interested in life and truth.


    • Bruce says:

      Mark, Mark, Mark, again and again you simply fail the honesty test. Your credibility problem comes from your belief in god. The basis of your life is fundamentally flawed and until you have an OPEN mind you will never be able to move beyond your current closed mind approach to the world.

      The truth is that you think everyone should believe like … See moreyou do, we should all accept jesus and be born again. The reality is that 99.9% of the world’s long history disagrees with you, most people on the face of this planet don’t agree with you and yet you insist on playing the pious believer tolerating others. The only drivel going unchallenged here is yours, and it’s impossible to actually have a coherent discussion with you while that bias is in place.

      It’s also interesting to note that your insults are very indirect, you hide behind your religion and use religious words like demonise, dark, scripture, sin, god’s plan and the list goes on. I don’t accept your god, when you understand why I reject your so called god, along with all other gods, then we can actually start a discussion with some merit. At present all your efforts are based on the assumption that it’s god who knows what’s best, god ordains it and the rest of society needs to follow along, no questions asked.

      You know it’s the truth. There is no god, and you are the fool.

  7. Paul Rabich says:

    As I read some of these comments from both Mark and Bruce,I can see that Bruce is a hurting soul, and he is lashing out at Christians and the bible. I personally believe in the Bible not just as a book, and I do believe we cannot read it simply as a book for entertainment, because it is a spiritual book and we need to be spiritual in order to understand it.
    I know of men who have studied the Bible for 50 years and they still can’t grasp the fact that the Bible is a spiritual book. I see one problem especially among Christians that is that they are not really what they proclaim they are and that is where I see The Bruce’s in the world becoming so upset with the Idea of a Christian and the Bible. So if we are really Christians we need to apply the Word of God to our lives, not just read it or have someone stand up in church once on Sunday or Wednesday and say we are a christian. If we really are a Christian then we must do what is a christian responsibility and be
    Christ like.The book of ACTS 11:26 ……the disciples were
    called Christians first in Antioch. So in order to be a true Christian we must believe like the disciples, we must baptize like the first disciples and walk and talk as the first Christians did, in order to be a true Christian

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