Bill’s feet stamping

Bill Muehlenberg1 runs a blog called CultureWatch. It’s mostly christian dribble based on that useless guide to live the holy babble.  And Bill babbles.  A lot.

Bill gets really upset if you don’t listen to his ‘evidence’2.  He’s brilliant at quoting research and books and websites, he loves nothing more than to drop a few names into articles and expects that you as a reader just know who it is, or you should just go and look it up.  He expects that when he makes a quote or simply copies and pastes vast amounts of text that you the reader should accept that as truth.  In his mind it makes perfect sense.

He gets upset if you simply ignore his so called evidence.  Really he does.  He doesn’t understand that the reality is that anyone who accepts the bible as truth doesn’t deserve to be given any credence.

He says that his detractors launch personal attacks on him instead of arguing the evidence, that’d be his questionable evidence that he is providing.  He thinks that the evidence that he provides is simply ignored, swept aside.

So, what he really wants to know, as he stamps his widdle feet and clenches his fists is ‘Why won’t they take me seriously’?

Why?  Coz you’re an arse.  Your premise is flawed (the bible is not the word of any god – there is no god) and your resources are as flawed as you.  It’s easier to laugh at your silly pronouncements than give you any credit at all.

  1. I’ve blogged on Bill before
  2.  Have a look at his blog and comments – if you dare to read!
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