Mark Rabich on stupid evil agendas


You probably can’t see the source, but I just had to share it with you.

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Is this really a surprise? But supporters of SSM don’t want debate, they are ‘right’, after all. Being convinced of their own moral righteousness and intellectual superiority, they cannot be told that their thinking is backward and veiled in total darkness. The only tactic they have to play is to denigrate and bully those who oppose their stupid and evil agenda, and shut down debate. If only everyone in our parliament had the courage to stand up like Bernardi.

Bernardi’s contention is that gay marriage will lead to polygamy.  Which seems a bit odd really as polygamy is really a straight mans want.  One man, many women.  I would have thought that it was marriage that leads to polygamy, the gays have nothing to do with it.

It any case, poor Rabbys outrage is so laughable.  The poor luv.  It must be horrible thinking that you are the one with the moral righteousness and intellectual superiority.  It must be a special place for him to think that others are in total darkness and backward and then to talk about those stupid and evil people with their agenda’s that are trying to denigrate and bully him to shut the debate down.

It’s not the first time Mark Rabich has been laughed at by me.  He has a fixation with the size of the walls of the vagina.

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