It is the poison

People the world over struggle every day.  Their lives are shit and they do the best they can.

Some of them hope and trust in unseen deities.  Some of them rely on those around them.

Religion is the crap that doesn’t help.  It allows people to put a false hope in a non-existent being for no reward.  MFM1, BVM2 or JFC3 don’t come riding down on their chariots of fire to take your pain and suffering away.  Not ever.

At present there are two issues that are bubbling away in the back ground in my mind.  The trial of ethics classes in New South Wales4 and the banning of advertising on cigarette packages5.

And guess who complains about this?  That’s right, those with a vested interest and little respect for those who use their products.

The cigarette companies threaten to take legal action and the churches get all upset because they lose their monopoly.  Both attempt to find strategic ways to get around the system.

Both are hellbent on trying to keep their little patch in the world.  They’ll stop at nothing to ensure their ongoing existence.  And both will do it using every trick in the book.

Religion and cigarette smoking are poisonous, they’ll ruin your health.  Both are stupid fucking institutions that need to be outlawed and go the way of the dodo.

Religion just needs to pull it’s head in.  Christians are told by god that it’s easier to shove a fucking camel through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to get into heaven, they’re told to pray in their rooms with the door closed, not in public.  What do we see, rich fucking arseholes with mega churches proclaiming the fucking gospel.  Talk about selective reading.  The whole damn thing is full of hypocrites that are so full of their own shit they can’t tell the difference between the truth and what’s clearly been pulled out of the arse of some horny goat herders from the year naught.  Christians are told that the poor will always be with them, but they are reluctant to do as their ‘saviour’ tells them, give away everything to the poor and follow him.  When was the last time the vatican threw open it’s doors for people to help themselves?

Then cigarette companies use their wicked weed to entrap people into addictive behaviour with full knowledge that that is what they’re doing, they use every method they can to continue to reap huge profits from a public who they say has the right to smoke if they want to.  All based on a bunch of corporate shareholders who’s only interest is to have  all their riches on earth now, fuck the rest of them.

Don’t get me started on banks, casinos or oil.  That’s for another day.

It’s time to pull your head out of the haze you find yourself in and take a stand against the nutters in this world.

Religion is poison.

Smoking is poison.

  1. Mary Fucking MacKillop
  2. Blessed Virgin Mary
  3. Jesus Fucking Christ
  4. Ethics Classes are a trial by the NSW Government to be made available to those who opt out of religious education SOURCE
  5. From 2012 cigarette packets in Australia will have to be plain SOURCE
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