Committing Suicide


Are you the owner of any computer equipment?  The answer is yes, unless someone has printed this out and handed it to you, you are probably reading this on some sort of device with a screen.  Chances are that Foxconn have had a hand in some component on the device.

I’ve sprayed before about our use of technology and how we rely on China to get our stuff.  We have things made in China because it’s dirt cheap.  Making stuff so cheaply means that we enjoy most of our products at a very low cost and we can consume more.  More consummation means higher profits for big companies and lets face it, that’s the way our system works.

But here’s the human face of our lifestyle.  People are killing themselves.

”Life is meaningless,” said Ah Wei, 21, his fingernails stained black with the dust from the hundreds of mobile phones he has burnished during a 12-hour overnight shift. ”Every day I repeat the same thing I did yesterday. We get yelled at all the time. It’s very tough around here.”

He said conversation on the production line is forbidden, bathroom breaks are kept to 10 minutes every two hours, and constant noise from the factory washed past his ear plugs, damaging his hearing.

Now, they’re making this stuff for you and me.  We let them make this stuff and turn a blind eye to how it’s made.  We buy the stuff from big companies that outsource the manufacturing to the cheapest company they can find.

How can we fix this?  How do we get the companies to pay their workers a decent wage?  Why does this have to hit the press before the CEO’s of big multi-nationals step in to make sure all their staff, including those far away, are adequately looked after?  Finally, what can you do, as a consumer, to ensure that the stuff you buy is made in a fair and ethical way?  You think on that.

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