Its all about the money


Together the world’s tax havens allow rich individuals to hide trillions of dollars from national tax authorities. The OECD estimates that $US7 trillion ($10 trillion) has been stashed away, while anti-haven campaigners say the true figure is at least $US11.5 trillion.

Say what?  $1,000,000,000,000 that’s one trillion dollars.  Wish I had a bank balance with that many zeros following a 11.5.

It seems that the rich, that’s the people with more zeros than you and me, ferret that money away, not down their pants as you might suspect with ferretting, but to off shore tax havens.  Its the international community that allows nations (mostly poor nations who have very little going for them) to operate these tax havens.  The London and New York money systems would collapse if we insisted that foreign banks opened their records for all to see, just so we can see how much money they should be giving to the tax department.

So here we are, heading towards some nasty stuff with our economy and the filthy rich are allowed to hide their money from the tax man.

The only way our tax system will work properly is if everyone pays a fair amount, and the way we do that is to tax the people who make more money more.  It makes sense.  What do you do with that much money anyway?  Oh, I know, you find a tax haven and hide it, so when the depression or recession comes you’ll be ok, fuck the rest of the world.

If its not the pollution that gets us, it’ll be the greed.  Fancy squabbling over bits of paper with the face of the queen on it.  (Pick your local head to go here)  Its an artificial system designed to fall into the hands of the lazy people who do very little to contribute to the wealth of the people of the world.

World poverty and disease could be eliminated with that much money.  Within a year we could wipe away poverty and we could all own plasma TV’s, Mercedes Benz cars and nice long yachts.  Then, before the next year is out we’ll all die from starvation because no one will want to grow food.  We’ll all be too busy watching digital TV while driving around looking for a 7/11 that has some left over hot dogs.  Is that too cynical?

Now transfer some of those zero’s to me.

Seriously though, while the vast majority of the world struggles to work to earn enough money to allow us to buy the things that we dream of, some very rich people have devised a way to want for nothing, and then hide the money away so that they don’t have to contribute to the well being of our society.  That’s sick you bastards.

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