Committing Suicide – Part 2


Yesterday I blogged about Foxconn.  It seems that the workers in their China factory are so overworked that some of them committed suicide.

Foxconn have decided that that isn’t acceptable and have given their workers a 60% payrise.  Wow, that’s pretty impressive!  There are conditions:

  1. Doesn’t come into effect until October (So stiff shit if you feel like killing yourself now)
  2. It’s performance based after a 3 month review (How do you get better performance if you already work 12 hour days, are only allowed a 10 minute break every two hours and get yelled at all the time?)
  3. There are no details on how the performance is to be assessed.

Sounds like to me it’s just lip service.  And what will Apple do when they discover the cost of their parts has increased?  Will they pass that cost onto you the consumer, will they absorb it, or will they simply go to another manufacturer?

Nice move Foxconn, let’s hope you are really sincere in trying to save the lives of your workers.


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