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Hitchens Dies

[SOURCE] There’s plenty out there to read about Christopher Hitchens.  I’ve read some of his stuff and it was good.  So I read it again.  Now he’s dead. The christians however, can’t help themselves.  Now they’re saying crazy whacky things like:  “My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & […]

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The Alpha and the Omega

I just love a bit of truth in advertising.  Yesterday, there was no jesus, today there is no jesus and there will never be a jesus.  It’s true, jesus christ is the same.  A church that got it right!

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Foo Fighters stick it up Westboro Baptists.

I just love it when someone sticks it up the Westboro Baptists. Westboro decided to picket the Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City, but the Foo types had an idea up their sleeve. A willy waving to them.

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Chinese die for your Ipad

[SOURCE] Last year I blogged about Foxconn.  They make Ipads for our consummation.  The workers in the Foxconn factory commit suicide.  They leap out of the buildings to kill themselves because of the way they are treated.  Foxconn’s response, wasn’t to make conditions better for the workers, it was to put nets up, probably so they […]


Midsumma is here!

Midsumma has arrived – get out and enjoy!

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Boats from China

[SOURCE] While people are worrying about boats from Indonesia carry illegal immigrants, some of them being dashed upon the shores of Christmas Island, (which is very disturbing in itself), the State Governement in Victoria, newly elected and all nice and shiny, is suggesting that we allow more ships in from China, their cargo would not […]

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Late at night

Now look, as I was coming home from grazing in the paddocks yesterday with the Love Llama, we turned down the main street and found that on the left side of the road we could do 40 km/h on the right side we could do 60 km/h – now being the sensible sorts of llama’s […]

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The Change Over At The Top

They come they go, how smooth it all seems. A new PM and all’s right with the world!

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The Change at the Top

How quickly things move, Kevin Rudd steps down while Julia Gillard steps up and there’s a change of leadership. Krudd was saying how he’d been elected by the Australian people. What twaddle, the only way you get to be PM is for your party to vote you there. It has nothing to do with the […]

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Committing Suicide – Part 2

In a follow up to an earlier blog, Foxconn promises payrises for the workers in their factories.

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