Midsumma is here!

Midsumma crowd

Photo by Michael Barnett - click to see more

It’s that time of the year!  The annual Midsumma carnival is on.

There’s so much to see and do over the couple of weeks.

The love llama and myself got ourselves along to Carnival day, it’s a sort of ritual.  It was a bright sunny day, very bright, and there wasn’t much shade about.  You could tell it was a homosexual event as there where rows of tents devoted to adopting dogs, men holding hands and lesbians fighting on the green.  There were more rainbows on display than Noah ever saw from his ark, and then there was dust.  So much dust, I’ve been spitting dust ever since.

The whole pet industry would collapse overnight if gays were allowed to have children!  I’m sure the dogs really enjoy a day out, in the dust and the sun.  Just about every male couple had a dog on a lead, small dogs, yappy things, while the lesbians had big butch dogs that could bite your head off without blinking.  The dogs no doubt look forward to the outing, bounding around their lounge rooms in excitement, hardly able to contain themselves.

It’s great that Melbourne can put on such an event that is well attended, and the general public passed through Birrarung Marr on their way to and from the tennis, barely even noticing or caring about what was happening around them.

Click here or on the photo above to see the album from Mikey Bear – there’s lots of good photos in there.

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