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The Sabbath, Flying and Texting made simple

So just what is it that brings this Llama out of his semi-retirement holiday of “I’ve got better things to do”. Is it me old mate Spinksy that thinks he’s clever.  No. Is it everyone’s favourite Great Uncle Billy?  No.  Although I note he’s not been so busy with the gayz of late, what with […]

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Lyle says Thy Will Be Done – just like he wants

[SOURCE] Over at the ACL our new bestest mate Straight Lyle is banging on about the lords prayer being said in Parliament.  The Greens are trying to get rid of the prayer.  He thinks it should stay, no surprises there, and there’s no surprises in what I think either. Since 1901, the prayer has been […]

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The ACL guides us on appropriateness!

[SOURCE] The Australian Christian Lobby has questioned the use of taxpayers’ money to subsidise so-called art aimed at denigrating religion. Let me answer the question for you – taxpayers money is being spent on a fringe festival, not specifically on just one show.  It’s one of the things that governments do.  You know, like when […]

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Canberra’s Nutters Gather to Protest

[SOURCE] The government in the Australian Capital Territory is about to pass legislation making it legal for same-sex couples to get married in the ACT.  It’s an interesting step for an Australian state to make, although the Federal Government may attempt to override the new laws through the courts. Enter the ACL, those wacky christians […]

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Gay Marriage is Harmless, Unless you’re a Homophobic Bigoted christian.

[SOURCE] The Australian “We hate the Gays” Christian Lobby has re-published a whole article on the question of whether same-sex marriage is harmless.  They got the article from News Weekly. You can’t access the article on News Weekly unless you sign up for an account and they want money for that.  News Weekly is run […]

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No Gays in our Retirement Village!

[SOURCE] You’ll be forgiven if you didn’t catch up with the news during the week that a new bill made its way through the Australian Parliament and is set to become law. It’s the “Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Bill 2013”.  It is quite historic as it covers gay, lesbian, […]

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Wally Smiles Because he Can Sack the Poofs

[SOURCE] Jim ‘Wally’ Wallace over at the Australian Cunts Lobby is salivating because the Australia’s Atheist Prime Minister has given him a personal assurance that religions will be able to continue to discriminate on the basis of sexuality or other sexual activities. Well brush my woolly nuts with steel wool. So the churches can sack a woman […]


Sexy T-Shirt Bought by the ACL’s Wendy Francis

[SOURCE] Oh no!  In Brisbane they are selling t-shirts for babies!  The ACL are beside themselves!  They must stop it at once! Highly sexualised advertising and marketing has reached the stage where T-shirts such as this (pictured left) are sold in family shopping centres.  This range of T-shirts were being sold in the Logan Hyperdome, […]

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Smoking the Gay Dream – Wallace Knows the Facts

[SOURCE] Jim Wallace, head of the Australian Christian Lobby is yet again showing just how out of touch with reality he is. Wally, that fine example of everything that’s fucked about christianity has opened his mouth again.  He made this grand statement during a debate: I think we’re going to owe smokers a big apology […]

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How can you tell when the ACL is lying? When their mouths are moving.

[SOURCE] I love it when somebody else writes a blog on something, saves me the time! Check this blog out from FLOURISH&BLOGGS.  Be sure to read it! Pretty lame effort from Lyle Shelton today in The Punch on gay marriage. In all probability it’s better not to waste the two or three minutes that it would […]

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