Canberra’s Nutters Gather to Protest


The government in the Australian Capital Territory is about to pass legislation making it legal for same-sex couples to get married in the ACT.  It’s an interesting step for an Australian state to make, although the Federal Government may attempt to override the new laws through the courts.

Enter the ACL, those wacky christians issued a media release called “Statement by Abrahamic Faith Leaders of Canberra” – that’s a nice way of saying the Jews, Christians and the Muslims.

Below is a copy of a statement of faith by seven faith leaders here in Canberra that was released today ahead of the ACT Marriage Equality Bill that is expected to be debated tomorrow. Whilst not organised by the ACL, the ACL welcomes the statement by the group.

Goodness me, so the ACL wasn’t needed!  Shunned by their own faithful!

Seventy percent of Australians identify with an Abrahamic religion – Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Yes, 70% may identify, but that doesn’t mean that they all agree on everything.

As leaders of several of these faith traditions, we have gathered to share our concerns about the ACT Government’s proposed same sex marriage legislation.

These leaders do no represent the 70% by a long shot, trying to argue from authority that they simply don’t have.

We are concerned for the long-term risks of such a Bill for our society.

You are?  What are they?  Tell us what those long-term risks are?  I bet you can’t.

While affirming the inherent dignity of all human beings,

Except if you’re anything other than heterosexual.  You’d sooner sack anyone that isn’t just like you.  You’d sooner say that the love I have for my love llama is somehow second rate.  Some of you that have signed this media release think that gays should be stoned to death.  So much for dignity.

our faith traditions also affirm the traditional concept of marriage between a man and a woman as being for the good of the individual, the family and society.

Yes, I agree.  Marriage between a man and a woman is good for the individual, the family and society.  So is marriage between two people of the same sex.  Everyone should be able to get married. In your particular faith feel free to celebrate marriage in the way you want, and those that don’t believe as you can get married and celebrate in the way they like.

We invite the wider community to join with us in calling for the Bill to be subject to community consultation through the normal Legislative Assembly Committee process.

Oh yes, that’s it, it’s not enough that you think you represent 70%  of the population you now want the other 30% to join in and see the world your way.  Great way to show dignity to each human being.  And while you’re at it why don’t you call into question the legitimacy of the passage of the bill in the duly elected parliament of the ACT.  Find a way to delay it so you can start spreading more of your vile innuendo.

Imam Adama Konda, Canberra Islamic Centre

Islam – founded by a goat herder and child sex abuser.

Arnold Cummins, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Founded by a man who transcribed the holy book from brass tablets with magic glasses.  Both which then disappeared.

Pastor Sean Stanton, Australian Christian Churches, Canberra

Believe that the bible is accurate.

Bishop Trevor Edwards, Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn

Marriage is so important that the church was established so the King of England could have a divorce to marry another women.

Pastor BJ Hayes, Canberra National Adventist Church

Will throw you out of their church if you are gay.

Monsignor John Woods, Catholic Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn

Thinks that bread can turn into their god so you can eat him.

Rabbi Shmuel Feldman, Rabbi for Canberra and Region.

Should apologies for inflicting this bunch of nutters on the rest of the world.

Apparently they couldn’t find anyone from the Satanist Society.


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