Marriage Equality and ACL Shenanigans


I just love how desperate the Australian Christian Lobby are getting.  The Australian Labor party looks set to change it’s policy about marriage, the change would see marriage equality adopted.

The ACL have got 100,000 to sign a petition.  No doubt collected by happy christians who don’t do much questioning about anything at all really.  Anyway, there’s a threat in their story:

The e-mail to MPs and Senators contains a breakdown of petition signatories in marginal seats which reveals enough signatories in some key marginals for Labor to lose those seats.

Jimmy our Wally then goes on to say that the take up of marriage in other countries is .2% of the population.  A figure he claims is small.

Instead it seems the Party is prepared to ignore this large section of the community to appease quite unreasonable demands by the .2% of the population that will actually avail itself of same-sex marriage

Ok, that’s about 46,0001 people that might take up marrying someone of the same gender.  On the other hand, those that signed the petition, assuming that they are of voting age, make up .7% of the 14 million registered to vote.  Or if you like, .4% of the overall population.

So, he’s suggesting that .4% of the population (‘a large section of the community’) should hold the rest of us to ransom to get his own way?


  1. So .2% of 23,000,000 is I think 46,000 e&oe (Maths isn’t my strong point!)
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