Equal Love

I’m a happy Llama.  I have a love llama.  I have little llamas.

August 1st has been an interesting day.  I went to the Equal Love rally to show support for equality in marriage.

I don’t want to get married.  As much as I’m in love, the concept of marriage is to me just silly.  It’s an outdated and unnecessary institution that does nothing to enhance the lives of people.  It’s purely a human construct that we have got so use to that society has come to expect it.

I fully accept that not everyone agrees with me.  I’m at a loss to explain why that is, but there you have it.  What I can’t get my mind around is why anyone would deny someone the right to marry who ever they like.  My observation of humans is that we will engage in whatever type of relationship we want.  There is no denying that men will live with men, women with women, people by themselves and sometimes men and women will live together.  There’s no law against it, and you know what, its crazy to simply keep your head stuck in the sand and go la la la la la la.

Marriage is not sacred.  The world will not end because people solemnise their relationship, they’re still living together, marriage is an added public commitment and changes very little.

It’s a crazy world where people die from inane curable illnesses, where nations abuse their citizens, where people are treated as second class because of their skin colour, where people die because of their religion.

And yet, here we are in Australia with two groups trying to keep marriage as between a man and a woman and the other trying to attain equality.  It’s perfectly simple.  Either we, the citizens of Australia are equal, or we are not.  It’s no longer ok to have two standards.

The Labor Party (ALP) decided today to keep things as they are – marriage between a man and a woman. [SOURCE]  You guys are just kidding yourself.  There’s no reason for that attitude any more.  The ALP has already shown itself able to eliminate all sorts of gender/sexual discrimination, except for this one.  Marriage.  Why is that?  Is the ALP frightened of the christians?  People like Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby (Voice for Values – who’d want their twisted values) whinge loudly, show their disdain for people of different sexuality to him and influence political policy by banging on about good family christian values.  I find it distasteful that the policy of the ALP lines up so neatly with that of the ACL.  It’s time that the government of the Australian people actually listened to us and did their job in removing antiquated ‘values’ that do nothing but keep sections of the community on the outer.  Shame on them for creating a two tiered system of citizenship in Australia.  Same sex attracted people have for too long been an easy target.  “The gays” are small in number, don’t really have enough votes, and its easier to deny them, to treat them as second class citizens, than it is to stand up against a bunch of ‘do gooders’ who believe jesus will save them.

I stood in Federation Square today with 5,000 other people.  I watched as couples hugged and kissed, as they shared the day with each other.  What I saw was normal Australian citizens living their lives and loving and caring for each other.  I was proud to stand there with my partner and my children and thumb my nose at those that think we are doing something wrong.  I am a family man and I will not be told who I can and cannot marry.  My family is what I want it to be, and if it is my choice, and of course love llama says yes, then I must be allowed to get married.  Who are you to stand in my way?

Just change the law, fuck those that object to it for silly goat herding messiah reasons, and for fuck sake get on with healing the earth, reducing carbon emissions, helping the poor and doing the important stuff that needs doing.

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  2. I was also at the August 1 rally. The 5,000 people was a record for Australia in gay marriage protests.

    Let’s fight hard, campaign hard, and push to get the November 28 rally as high as possible.

    There will a post-rally meeting. Liam Byrne, NUS Queer Officer, a very well-known and highly regard gay rights activist, will be giving a speech.

  3. I was at the November 28 rally. It was absolutely fantastic and I grabbed lots of good photos.

    Check out my blog internationalannual.blogspot.com