How to make a protest


1.  Find an issue

2. Pray to make a change

3. Go on a fast

Leaders in the marriage and family movement have called for 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Marriage and Family.

Yep, the Australian Christian Lobby know how to change things in Australia.  Let’s take some real action!  That’ll show those homos a thing or two!

Family breakdown and social dysfunction is an increasing problem in this nation, and sadly the church is not immune. Forty percent of marriages end in divorce in Australia and along with increased cohabitation rates (prone to even higher levels of dissolution) are leading to higher levels of heartbreak.

So, you’d sooner that people stayed together and ‘worked’ out their differences, which is code for ‘we want no divorce in Australia’. Fuck whether or not you are happy, you should have thought about that  before you got married.  Better to have 100% marriage rates to keep your imaginary god happy, than for the people actually living in the relationships to be happy.

The current Greens’ proposed homosexual marriage bill, if passed, will further weaken marriage and rob children of a mother and a father.

How will it weaken marriage?  Do you mean that it will see an increase in the divorce rate?  Or perhaps it’ll add to the happy marriage rate.  And you know that marriage equality will not rob anyone of anything.  Those heterosexual couples that breed will not suddenly find their partner out of the picture because the gay couple next door got married.  And you do understand that gay people already have children, allowing them to marry won’t change that fact.

Marriage and family leaders are encouraging churches and individuals to join this urgent call for prayer by initiating special prayer meetings or incorporating the call to prayer into existing activities from Tuesday 1st February to Monday 21st February 2011.

I have two little llamas and a love llama, I’m the father and therefore the head of the household.  Does that make me a family leader?  And what the fuck is a Special Prayer Meeting?  Will these ‘special’ meetings be like those that prayed for rain in Queensland?  Can they be held accountable? And what is an urgent call to prayer?  Why is it urgent and what would happen if you didn’t prayer. Like I say, you can either do something practical or you can pray.

And please, extend your fasting to 24 hours a day for 21 days.  I’d like to see that.

The whole notion that fasting and praying will make any difference is really laughable.  It shows how deluded the faithful really are.  What are we to make of it if gay marriage becomes a reality?  Does it mean that they are wrong, that god isn’t listening?  More likely they’ll claim that it’s satan that is in control and they need to prayer harder to get god’s attention.  But then, if nothing happens,the status quo remains, they’ll actually believe by the power of association, that they actually had an impact and that they, through their exhortations to the almighty, have been heard and that they alone have saved Australia!

So watch out all you gays, the power of the Australian Christian Lobby will be praying that the bloke plugging your mangina won’t actually be able to make an honest man of you.

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