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Margaret Forrester works for the NHS in England as a mental health worker in a health centre.  She was suspended last year because she was distributing a booklet on abortion in an abortion clinic.  She’d given the booklet to a fellow staff member because she felt that the NHS wasn’t giving enough information.  She’s also a catholic.  There’s a little bit of crazy on both sides, however, she appears to have been re-instated1.

We all know that religious nutters think that abortion is wrong, against the will of god and must be stopped.  The trouble with nutters is that they won’t listen to the experts and flat out lie to push their own point.

The NHS says it’s normal to feel a range of emotions after an abortion:

It’s normal to experience a range of emotions after an abortion, such as relief, sadness, happiness or feelings of loss. [SOURCE]

Seems like good practical advice.

Of course, the christian world is now very excited that Ms Forrester has been re-instated.  They talk about how all opinions should be offered for women who want to have an abortion, they talk about free speech and how important it is.  Over at defendchristians.org they said this:

Even though everything in the booklet was true and Margaret was eventually exonerated, Margaret almost lost her job simply for sharing a politically incorrect opinion.

So, let’s have a look at the booklet that she was passing around and talking about, it’s called “Forsaken – Women from Taunton talk about Abortion” and the website explains:

This book is about the reality of Post Abortion Syndrome (also known as “Post Abortion Stress”, “Post Abortion Trauma” or “Post Abortion Stress Syndrome”).

So, what’s Post Abortion Syndrome I hear you ask?  Well, I’m glad you asked, the booklet website says this about PAS:

The term “Post Abortion Syndrome” was first used in 1981 by Vincent Rue, a psychologist and trauma specialist, in testimony before the United States Congress. He had observed post-traumatic stress disorder which developed in response to the stress of abortion. He proposed the name “Post Abortion Syndrome” (PAS) to describe it.

Well, that sound fairly impressive.  Like I should actually believe there is such a thing.  Of course, I like to check these things, so I slipped over to Wikipedia and sure enough there is an article on PAS – in fact the first paragraph is exactly the same, but then read on:

The American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association do not recognize PAS as an actual diagnosis or condition, and it is not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR or in the ICD-10 list of psychiatric conditions.

Oh?  But this important information doesn’t seem to have made it on the Forsaken site, in fact they go on to list a range of symptoms and they also claim that the book is about the ‘reality of Post Abortion Syndrome’ to which we are entitle to look a little surprised, purse our lips and go “oh?” with an upward inflection towards the end of the H to signify surprise.

Wikipedia goes on to say:

While some studies have shown a correlation between abortion and clinical depression, anxiety, suicidal behaviors, or adverse effects on women’s sexual functions for a small number of women, these correlations may be explained by pre-existing social circumstances and emotional health.

So when the defendchristians.org website says that everything in the booklet is true they are either deluded or flat out lying.

Ms Forrester is quoted as saying:

“Women need to be able to make a fully informed decision about having an abortion, as it will impact their lives forever.  They need to be made aware of all of the risks, including the well documented mental health risks.”

I agree, we all should be fully informed about the impact on our lives for any procedure that we are undertaking, however, we need true and accurate information, not hogwash that has no support in the medical and scientific world and is driven by people’s personal opinions and unsubstantiated claims, and especially not when they are driven from some fanciful belief in an imaginary pixie fairy wombat in the sky that kills his own son because one woman made a mistake and the rest of us are to blame.  That’s why Ms. Forrester you should keep your perverted version of the truth to your self.  It has no place in your professional life.

It’s worth reading this blog by  PERSONALFAILURE at Forever In Hell, she talks about the religious nutters and PAS – it’s very compelling.

Ms Forrester should have been sacked, and in the words of PERSONALFAILURE

Again and again and again, fuck off.

  1.  After claims of being bullied, she now appears to have a better job SOURCE
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