Pope needs to try a condom

Pope denounces condom use in Africa.

Pope Bendy Dick is in Africa, it more or less jumped off the plane, surround by alpacas no doubt, and told the whole of Africa that they shouldn’t be putting condoms on the end of their people pokers.  This is a continent that has been ravaged by AIDS – you know, that disease that is spread by bodily fluids present when people enjoy a good poking.  Condoms stop the spread of AIDS.

People will poke, its true.  Given the chance, the strides are off and the poking begins.

The old Pope says that the solution to the AIDS problem lies in ‘spiritual and human awakening’.  This coming from a man who has spent his life telling himself not to touch anything on his body that feels good.  He basically has no idea and has never had the human awakening of a shared orgasm either with someone he loves or just a quick poke down behind the trees on Capital Drive on a dark night (oh wait, that was me)

So here you are, being told to have a spiritual awakening, while you look at the object of your desire.  You probably know you’re infected, but you want to do as the Pope asks and you don’t cover up your people poker and before you know it, not only have you shared your infected seed but possibly robbed someone of their life, someone of their parent, child, sibling… you get the picture.

I’m going to send a packet of condoms and some wet stuff to the Pope.  With a bit of luck he’ll go fuck itself.

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2 Responses to Pope needs to try a condom

  1. Andrew says:

    The Popenfuhrer is sticking to the script. Apparently in his universe, it is better to die slowly and horribly of a disease that gradually eats your body than to wear a little rubber thing at the end of your john-thomas when you play hide the sausage.

    More dead, black people for Christ.