Do your head in

Fuckstick Website.

Hey, grab your cup of coffee and a scone or two then head over to this website, but be warned, it’ll do your head in. Really, the assault on your senses will make you spit, so swallow that coffee first.

The website has ‘stuff’ all over it. There’s so much to look at I’m surprised my head didn’t explode. But in big red letters right at the top is the catch cry “Jesus is the only way to Heaven” Well. I’m delighted I’m not going that way.

On a positive note, it does say that a vast majority of the world is Atheist. [SOURCE] You know, it says in the bible that there is only one god, therefore if you don’t believe in the ‘god of the living bible’ you don’t believe in god, therefore you are an atheist. I’m ok with that.

I thought that perhaps the website is a joke, but its just too appalling to be a joke.  There’s the anti-gay stuff, the anti-abortion stuff, the vatican is evil stuff and no doubt there’s dust somewhere too.

So look, do your head in, click the link prepare for the visual assault and then read an article or two.  Remember to swallow first.

Thousands of religions today sinfully deny the deity of Christ.


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