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You know that jesus bloke.  Well, from what I can understand the dirty little jew boy was the son of god, that’d be the god of Abraham, the one true god, the creator of heaven and earth (at last, someone to blame for all the screwups).  Well, it seems that this all powerful deity, who by his own claim is a jealous god (Exodus 20:5), so jealous that if you piss him off he’ll punish not only you but your off spring to the third or fourth generation.  I guess it depends on just how much you piss him off.  Sorry, I’m getting carried away, I know you want to know about the ACL.  It seems that this god thing of theirs, that’s the all powerful one, needs them to lobby for him because he’s too busy, possibly burning Victorians to death or drowning Queenslanders or killing Sudanese or hanging Iranians because they want to change religions.

This crowd are so carried away with their concept of god that they have the audacity to claim to understand why nature (god) intended children to have a mother and father.  Apparently common sense and the natural law say that its the way to go.

Neither common sense or natural law seems to help when children are deprived of their parents.

Its such a load of snuffblat.

The fear that two men or two women can’t raise children as well as a man and a women is misplaced.  Any couple is likely to stuff it up, really.  Its true, its the way of us humans.

The ACL made a submission to Same-sex adoption enquiry and in it they explain their warped logic and tell us that its indulgent social engineering.  This coming from a christian based organisation who’s main purpose in the world is social engineering.

What a bunch of snuts.

ACL Press release

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