Just who is being vindictive?

I just love it when christians get upset when you call them names.

Without passing or implying judgement on homosexuals, ACL has been the subject of a vitriolic backlash in the online and social media in the past week.

Lyle Shelton said that on a blog.  He glosses over the fact, flat out ignores it, that people of his ilk believe that homosexuals are evil sinners and if they don’t change their ways they’re going to end up in hell for ever, burning away in pain in the lake of fire for ever.  He pretends that he’s not passing or implying judgement.  What a hoot!

Over-sensitive homosexual activists and their uncivil friends on Twitter and Facebook are quick to jump from a great height with moral huffiness and personal abuse on anyone they perceive to step on their toes.

We’re over-sensitive because we think your god is crap?  We are uncivil because we take exception to your pious claim to some sort of moral superiority based on pathetic stories that are clearly made up about a carpenter dying for everyone’s sins?  You reek of moral huffiness and you dish out personal abuse on a regular basis.  You think you may couch your terms in a way that doesn’t pass judgement, but lets face it, behind your push to stop marriage for all is the biblical notion that people who are gay are an abomination.  That’s the word, an abomination, your book of vile tales also suggests that we be stoned, to death, with stones.  Hurled from the likes of you.

Then there’s the people who think that you shouldn’t be abused.  That nobody should say nasty things about you, it’s counter productive to our cause.  We should all play nice and not swear or call people idiots.  We certainly should not call people fucking idiots.

But dissent is our right in a democracy. It does not make us bigots and it is time social policy debate was free of abuse and slurs.

And yet the abuse and slurs freely flow from religious nutters.  Look at this comment:

They seem to swarm out from under the rocks. Obviously people are threatened – and we know where that comes from! Just remember who we serve!

Implying that we are evil trolls hiding under the rocks until we feel threatened, and ‘we know where that comes from’ – oh yes, we’re sinners from hell.  And remember who we serve – jesus, implying that the rock dwellers serve satan and therefore are not worthy of anything in life until they accept jesus and become straight breeders.  Yes, not swear words, but still really vile abuse.

This comment from sharan at 06 Jun 2011 9:42:02am

This is a winnable war, because it makes common sense to do what is doable.

A war?  How appalling is that.  In the world, no, let’s just look at Afghanistan, 26 Australians have been killed in the war against terrorism1.  Now that’s a war.  Yet, here is a christian who uses that word to describe the activism of people to gain equality in Australia, to allow people who are gay to be treated fairly.  What she (or he) does is equate it to war.  There’s nobody being killed here.  War in her view is the battle between good and evil.  The gays are evil and will be defeated because god is on the christians side.  Again, no foul language, but the intent is really reprehensible.

So you fucking retarded dumb cunt arsed vitrolic nasty christians.  You can sit there all smug with the likes of homosexual activist who don’t swear and bitch and moan about how everyone picks on you and pretend you’re all nice and sweet, but really, you’re appalling, bad, contemptible, corrupt, degenerate, depraved, despicable, dirty, disgraceful, disgusting, evil, filthy, foul, horrid, bits of work.  (Yes, yes, I use a thesaurus)  Nobody is trying to shut you up, but hey fucksticks, just because you don’t swear (because you think it’s a sin) your words and actions are still quite cutting.  It’s time you got over yourselves.

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  1. mikeybear says:

    Woo Hoo. You used ‘cunt’. 🙂