The ACL and Human Rights


Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is whinging because his side didn’t win. People responded to the National Human Rights Committee consultation in their droves.  It seems that Amnesty International and GetUp! were able to muster their forces and have a significant impact on the number of submissions made.

Jim babes doesn’t like it, he thinks that they’re not worth the same as his well thought out objections to a human rights charter.  What he really means to say is that he is pissed off that all his little christians didn’t tow the party line and send in one line postcards to the committee.  In 2004 when the ACL campaigned so hard to ensure marriage was between a man and a woman only, they encouraged people to email their MP’s.  From their website:

The Senate committee investigating marriage will take submissions until Friday. Remember, your submission can simply be, “I believe marriage is just between a man and a woman”. It can be that simple. [SOURCE]

There was a huge result and Jim Wallace was very happy with himself.  Roll the clock forward, and when a similar result happens because of similar tactics, he considers those results to be invalid.  Oh sigh.

Amnesty had 10,488 submissions and a good number of those were made on postcards provided by the organisation. Committee chairman Frank Brennan mentioned to me that many of these contained nothing more than statements such as “I want everything!”

Although these opinions need to be recorded, they are hardly worth the same weight as the many more thoughtful contributions of those who approached this with more than an activist glare in their eye. [SOURCE]

Ok, so its ok for the ACL to generate one line emails but not for Amnesty to do the same thing?

Oh, and finally, did it occur to Jim Wallace (AM – the AM is important, he would probably prefer a knighthood and be known as Sir James) from the ACL that Amnesty International and Getup! are made up of a bunch of do-gooders who in all likelihood are christian.  Perhaps he doesn’t have as much support as he wish he had.

And I thought I was an inconsistent Llama!

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7 Responses to The ACL and Human Rights

  1. Daphon says:

    Typical Christian hypocrisy. Do people like Wallace really believe the all-loving, all-caring Jesus of their bible would really approve of them and what they do and say in His name?

  2. Bruce Llama says:

    He’s just hoping little baby jesus will come again.

  3. Daphon says:

    I always wondered if Jesus masturbated like every other male.

    Oh my god …. was that lightning striking nearby?

  4. Bruce Llama says:

    I don’t think you get warnings – you just get dead.

  5. Daphon says:

    Doesn’t this just make you wanna be sick:

  6. woulfe says:

    Wallace was one of the early adopters of internet lobbying. In 2004 ACL was behind a very effective campaign to get the Marriage Act changed to exclude same-sex couples. He described it thus in the Canberra Times in 2007:

    “A Senate inquiry at the time received a record 16,000 submissions on the issue and 1100 people filled the Great Hall in Parliament House in support of marriage. Clearly the people had spoken.”

    The story is a bit different now that GetUp and Amnesty are kicking ACL’s dedicated lobbying site out of the arena.

  7. Daphon says:

    I think Wallace was a Brigidier (?sp) General in the army. If so, I wonder if tried to instill Christian values in his soldiers.

    Could have been a kind of hell.