To Die as we wish


The issue of the right to die as we wish has raised it’s head again in Australia.

The Greens are set to work with the Labor Party to overturn a ruling that sees our Federal Pariliment veto any laws passed in the Northern Territory that they the Feds don’t like.  One of those laws has been euthanasia.  By allowing the Territorians to make up and decide their own laws, it’s thought that they will re-introduce this law.  It’s a hot topic.

Then the church comes sailing in:

Bishop Huggins has asked the national parliament of the Australian Anglican Church, now meeting in Melbourne, to affirm the sanctity of life as God’s gift. The motion says: ”Our task is to protect, nurture and sustain life to the best of our ability.”


Look, whatever backward thinking you may have as a bishop is fine, if your followers want to follow that thinking then good luck to them, but for the love of jesus, get your fucking dick-arse religion out of the life of others.

You, the church, have long surrendered your moral authority, you are awash with stupidity and hypocrisy.  The church is no longer in a position to act as our moral and ethical guardians.  Furthermore, a whole swag of us don’t believe a word you say.  Life is not a gift from any god, it is not  sacred, it does not belong to any one else other than the person who is using it.

”We’ve all been close to people who have had a hard and difficult death,” he said. ”We have watched and prayed in some anguished places, and can well understand why the idea of euthanasia attracts support.

”However, we also understand what a threshold we cross when our efforts are not focused on protecting life, and providing comfort and pain relief until life ends.”

Then that stupid statements that says look, we know it’s hard to die, we know that death is difficult.  Well dur.  We all know that.  Your response is to watch and pray in anguish?  Nothing useful, just watch and pray.  Fuckwits.

Then he prattles on about focussing on protecting life.  It’s just tough shit that the sufferer is suffering.  That the drugs don’t work any more, that pain relief is horrid and no way to die.  It’s mean nasty and lacks compassion to allow someone to die a horrible painful and ‘difficult death’.  You stand by and pray for all the fucking good that does.  What do you pray for?  That your god will come and take them quickly?  I bet you do.

Religion is selfish and nasty, the nutters think that god wants you to hang around until he’s ready to take you.  It’s the biggest load of shit and really needs to be called to account.

If you christians are so keen on letting people live for as long as possible, regardless of their state, then go ahead.  But get your damn prayers and wishful thinking out of the lives of those of us that don’t believe or accept your stupid dumbarsed view of the universe.  It’s my life, get out of my way, let me live as I want and let me die when I want.  Stop pretending you have the moral authority to dictate how the rest of us live and die.

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