PM stares down gay marriage push

PM stares down gay marriage push | The Australian.

So, the PM is happy that a whole range of laws have been changed for ‘gay people’ (Such a nasty term really, I can just hear people spitting the term as they talk about those gays).  It would seem that he’s still very resistant to the concept of allowing marriage for all people in Australia,

Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian lobby says:

“Minority lifestyles should be respected but cannot be expected to dictate society norms as this 2per cent or less of the population seems intent on doing”

and then goes on to say:

However, the vast majority are strongly opposed to allowing these aggressive activists to undermine an institution as “fundamental to society and marriage for their political objectives.”

Now stay with me on this one – there’s about 21 million Australians, 67% of that number are aged between 15 and 64 years (the working population) that’s about 14 million of us.  If we accept that 2% of the population is gay, then that would mean, around about, 280,000 same sex attracted people.  So let me get this right.  Let’s now say, just for the sake of it, that half of those 280,00 want to get married, that’s 140,000 – the market is limited so that means there’s 70,000 people that want to marry the other 70,000.

Does Jim Wallace seriously contend that this small amount of people, wanting to get married, is seriously going to undermine an institution that is fundamental to society.  Is he worried that the 140,000 against the 14 million will be a serious threat to his way of life.

Even being rather liberal with my figures, what’s the threat here?   How will it dilute marriage, considering the attempt here is to allow people to marry, willingly.  Nobody is expecting that straight men will suddenly switch their attractions and want to get married to a bunch of queers.  Mind you, I wouldn’t say no to some of them……

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2 Responses to PM stares down gay marriage push

  1. john says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head, Mr Llama.

    Those Christians can’t claim, on the one hand, that gay marriage equality will “destroy a fundamental institution”, and on the other, suggest that the gays are too insignificant to make any difference.

    I’m kinda unsure what he’s referring to when he says, “[gays want to] dictate society norms”…. Does he mean that gay marriage equality will become legal, or that homosexuality will become compulsory?

    If marriage equality becomes legal, it would be because 60% of Australians support the idea (Galaxy 2009), not because the gays are pushing it on an unwilling public.

    • Bruce says:

      Does he mean? Perhaps he secretly hopes that homosexuality will become compulsory…..

      For way too long christians have dictated the norms of society, they have to stop doing that with 60% supporting marriage equality and a lot of us preferring to graze in the fields rather than sit in church.

      Thanks for the comment.