The ACL, a condom and rip and roll


The Australian Christian Lobby was congratulating themselves because they managed to get some ads ripped out of Brisbane bus shelters.  The ads showed two men, fully clothed, hugging and one of them holding a condom, the campaign is called Rip and Roll run by the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities, it’s a public health campaign to promote safe sex.

After some sensible people complained to the advertising company, they re-instated the ads.

The ACL is saying that the ads add to the sexualisation of children, whatever that actually means, they also claim that the fact that the ads clearly show ‘gay’ sex has nothing to do with it.

Polite people roll their eyes, others cough ‘bullshit’ into their hands and some call them homophobes.

So, what do the happy christians do?  They go on the defensive, they claim they’re misunderstood, not bigots and not homophobes.  Lyle Shelton is chief of staff for the Australian Christian Lobby, he wrote an article on the ABC’s The Drum.

Now remember, this ad is about safe sex.  That’s sex between two men.

So when a larger-than-life, in-your-face condom advertisement featuring two men in a provocative pose began eye-balling children in bus shelters as they waited to be picked up for school, Wendy swung into action as she has done in the past.

They were hugging, with their clothes on.  Not even an erect nipple in sight.  One of them was holding a condom, but it’s an ad about safe sex, not condoms.

Yes it’s true that ACL does not support homosexual marriage, but neither do many Australians, including the Prime Minister. That doesn’t make us homophobic, bigoted or f***ing idiots.

That’s nice, but this is about a public health message on safe sex.  Why do you bring this up?

ACL has a track record of supporting the removal of discrimination against same-sex couples and backed all of the Rudd government’s 85 law reforms in 2008 which delivered equality, not apartheid.

Oh please, you don’t want gay people represented in any way shape or from.  The issue is about safe sex, not discrimination, you want to hide anything that shows gay sex.  This is not about marriage, it’s not about the pathetic attempt of the Rudd governement to change 85 laws, they only needed to change one.

But equality does not mean marriage should have to be redefined to suit an agenda that is intolerant of the cultural and even religious sensibilities of a great many Australians.

Yes it does, at present you quite deliberately deny marriage to a whole group of people for no good reason.  Nobody is saying that you can’t continue to honour ‘traditional’ marriage, we tolerate your dumb-arsed beliefs, but you expect the rest of the world to adopt your position.  You want to force your cultural and religious sensibilities on everyone else.

Given our track record of tolerance, I suspect the abusive language levelled at us had more to do with our dissent to the gay political agenda to redefine marriage.

You deserve the abuse.  Just because you think you have jesus on your side doesn’t mean you get a free ticket.  Marriage is not being redefined, Howard already did that.  The ACL continues to pander their narrow view of acceptable behaviour on the rest of us, which again has nothing to do with an ad about safe sex.

But dissent is our right in a democracy. It does not make us bigots and it is time social policy debate was free of abuse and slurs.

You’re not dissenting, your trying to maintain the status quo. You are a bigot, and it’s time the social policy debate was free of artifical respect for religious ratbags who are hellbent on inflicting their pathetic religous views on the whole nation just to satisfy their equally pathetic god of the fluffy white clouds.

This is an issue to do with a public health message.  Your kids deserve to know about this, at some stage they’re going to have sex, and if you’ve spent their whole life hiding safe sex messages, then your kids are at risk.  Like it or not, people fuck.  You clearly did, you’ve got kids.  Most people fuck without conceiving, they also play around.  While they’re playing around they should be safe.  Get your head out of the sand.

And yes, you’re a bigot.  You’ve taken a serious message about safe sex and turned it into propaganda about marriage.  Try and tell us you’re not a homophobe now.


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  1. I’m amazed you didn’t use the word ‘cunt’ once in this piece.

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