Pushing Agendas


The old Mule Bill is at it again!

This time he’s upset because the Hobson City Council have decided to have a advisory committee for ‘gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, intersex and queer’ communities.

Radical William doesn’t like that idea.

As Terri Kelleher of the Australian Family Association asked, “How about the elderly in the community and the alienation and social isolation among the elderly?” Good question indeed. What special help are the elderly getting there?

Umm… well, you mean apart from their ten year plan, Ageing Well Strategy 2007 – 2017 that includes setting up an advisory group.

They would certainly be deserving – probably even more so – of such special attention and care. But this council obviously thinks they are just not that important. They are certainly not politically correct enough for this trendy activist Council.

Apparently council agrees, regardless of the crazy idea that they shouldn’t care about their citizens because of the trendy activist stuff.

Jesus’ best friend William then goes on:

There have to be all sorts of special needs groups living there that could use some special help.

Consider just a few:

Ok lets:

Bill’s List Abused by Christians Councils Attitude
stamp collectors Never Would assist clubs with grants
tuba players Never Would assist individuals in finding a band
red headed harmonica players Never See above
Asian basket weavers Not generally Would assist
left handed ukulele players Never Would assist
blind cricket players Never (unless they made a stuipid mistake on the pitch) Various club and sporting grounds supplied
foot fetish aficionados What does this say about you Bill? May provide safe fetish venues
poker playing dwarves Never (but there may be an issue with gambling) Would offer gambling addition services
bashful computer geeks Never Would assist any clubs
teenagers with braces Never Purely a commercial arrangement
Spanish born factory workers Yes Has a multi-cultural policy
bikini clad meter maids Yes Not likely to engage them
millionaire CEOs No – the more money the better Would lean on them for assistance and support
left leaning news readers Yes – Jesus doesn’t like the left None
female heroin addicts Yes – Jesus doesn’t like drugs Active Healthly Living policies
elderly golfers No Ageing Policy
three packsaday cigarette smokers Yes Healthly Living Polices
pokies addicts Yes Gambilng addition services
cheap romance readers Yes Library
high priced call girls Yes – Jesus doesn’t like them Has policies that regulate the sale of sex
low life card sharks No, they all like the low life Small business trading licensing system
door to door vacuum cleaner salesmen No Small business trading licensing system
antiquarian book lovers No Library
PC Council workers Yes – Jesus doesn’t like them Diversity policies

How bloody stupid do you have to be.

But for some reason I don’t except that all of these other quite deserving groups will be getting similar treatment as that of the homosexual activists. I won’t be holding my breath as I await this or any other council to take on their legitimate needs and wants. These groups are simply not PC, so they do not have the same political clout. 

A city is made up of all sorts of people, it’s up to the government to ensure that everyone is looked after,  to suggest that council will only help the gay reference group shows just how far the nutty christian right has fallen out of sync with modern council motivation.  Councils do take on the legitimate needs of their communities. There is so much consultation going on on a regular basis.  So much help and support for everyone in the community.  I bet they even help the odd church or two out.

But that’s not good enough for the likes of Mule-Humper.  He wants to just pick one tiny area of one tiny group of people and make an issue over it.  He’s so worried that everyone else might miss out just because a group of people sit down on an advisory committee to talk about issues of concern to some residents.  Councils do that.

Wobbly fucked christians.


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2 Responses to Pushing Agendas

  1. No ‘cunt’ reference in this post?

  2. That’s funny! I received an email with the exact wording tonight and responded to it thinking the sender was the author. It seems the sender merely copied the content of Bill Muehlenberg’s blog. The following was my response:

    Thank you for your email. Whilst I disagree with your point of view I respect your right to have it.

    You should be aware that the council has other advisory committees for people with disabilities, the multicultural community and interfaith groups, and is shortly holding additional community forums for our elderly citizens and men. These are all identified areas of need.

    Through our community grants program, we annually support many groups and programs including the Hobsons Bay City Band (which supports tuba players and the like) and other groups, in addition to our community houses that has programs that teach all sorts of classes – perhaps even basket weaving. We do not, however, support people in the pursuit of criminal activities such as arson.

    Whether you like it or not the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer community are a part of our community. As civic leaders it is only right we ensure we acknowledge and respect them, and provide them with appropriate services.


    Cr Tony Briffa JP
    Deputy Mayor, City of Hobsons Bay