Marriage equality changes the world!

Mule Head is at it again.

Consider this headline: ‎“An equal opportunity commission board member who signed a submission against same-sex marriage has resigned.” A respected doctor and community leader has been forced to resign for a horrific crime: yes, he dared to say marriage was between a man and a woman, and children deserve to be raised by their own biological mother and father.

He seems to have no respect for all citizens in Victoria, just the straight ones.  He wasn’t forced to resign either, the Government came out in support of him, as did his boss the chief psychiatrist.

The homosexual mafia have once again got their way and shown their true colours. They are destroying freedom and democracy slowly but surely. Every day we witness another example of the pink jackboots in operation. It is getting uglier by the day, and shows no signs of letting up.

WTF is the homosexual mafia? I mean really.  And pink jackboots?  It’s really these appalling statements that continue to vilify people based only on their desire to enjoy freedom and democracy.  I think it’s pretty clear just who wants to limit freedom, and stop people from participating fully in the society in which they live.

For years now I have been documenting the constant war which is being waged against those who value marriage and family, those who value freedom, and those who are people of faith. All three have been heavily hammered by homosexual activists and their supporters in high places.

It’s amusing that he spends his days documenting the ‘constant war’ even more amusing that he thinks a war is being waged by gay people against him.  Pretty sure most of the world doesn’t give a toss about him or gay people.  Hardly even a blip on the radar.  I would have thought that plenty of us value marriage and family, that’s why we want equal rights.  I would have thought that plenty of gay people value freedom, that’s why we want the freedom to marry.  I would have though that people of faith understand that everyone has a different idea about faith.

Here I offer just some recent examples of this. They are only the tip of the iceberg, but they very nicely demonstrate the battle we are in, and how special rights for homosexuals in general, and homosexual marriage in particular, will change everything. With so many examples to choose from, and so little space here, let me just offer the headline, date, and perhaps the opening paragraph of each recent news item. I will begin with last year and move up to more recent times:

OK, so lets look at the tip of the iceberg.  Let’s have a quick glance to see just how special these rights are.  Let’s see just how much this will change everything.

“Canadian Court: Marriage officials must marry homosexuals”

January 10, 2011
“The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal declared this morning that proposed legislative amendments that would have allowed Saskatchewan’s marriage commissioners to refuse to perform same-sex ‘marriages’ on religious grounds are unconstitutional.”

[Bills Source]

Yes, and rightly so.  They’re not being asked to marry people in a church.  Marriage commissioners are appointed by the government, they are public servants.  It’s their job.  Changes everything?  No. [SOURCE]

“Army: court-martial Chaplains for ‘religious, conscience’ objection to homosexuality”
March 24, 2011
“The U.S. Army has officially threatened military chaplains they must either embrace the new openly homosexual military, resign from service, or face court-martial for their ‘religious, conscience’ objections.”

[Bills Source]

Just a fully fabricated story that’s out and out wrong.  For someone who claims to fully research everything he seems to stop short of finding out the truth. Changes everything?  No. [SOURCE]

“Tory MP calls for churches to be banned from holding marriages if they refuse gay couples”
PinkNews, September 2, 2011

It seems to be a call to make sure that gay people can be married in churches.  I don’t think any new laws have been passed.  Doesn’t seem to be too serious at all.  Bit like Abbott calling for an election, just making noise with minimal impact.

“MPs vote to stop civil servants refusing to carry out gay weddings”
November 15, 2011
“Dutch MPs voted on Tuesday afternoon for a change in the law to prevent civil servants refusing to conduct gay marriages.”

Yes, civil servants should carry out the law as directed by the government, that’s what we expect.

“Lesbian couple mulls action against Christian wedding cake baker”
November 16, 2011
“An Iowa baker who politely declined to provide a wedding cake for two lesbians based on her Christian values may face legal action from the couple.”

Really?  Fancy that, a customer wants to sue a shop because they refused to serve them.  Changes the world?  No.  Pisses off the shop owner.  Yes.

“Gay rights activist calls for boycott of Salvation Army Christmas fundraiser”
November 28, 2011
“Gay rights activists who object to the Salvation Army’s biblical stance on homosexuality are launching their annual call to shut down the organization’s Christmas fundraiser.”

Yeah, that’s right, the Salvos are pricks.  What’s wrong with calling for a boycott?  Not like the christians never attempt that sort of thing.  Changes the world?  Nah.  The Salvos don’t seem to be suffering from a lack of public support.

“Case of counseling student forced to undergo pro-homosexual ‘sensitivity training’ goes to court”
December 2, 2011
“After losing at a lower court, a counseling student at a public university in Georgia who was threatened with expulsion because she expressed discomfort with counseling homosexuals, is pleading her case before an Appeals Court this week.”

And rightly so, we expect a counsellor should always have the best intentions for their clients, not judge the issues based on their own personal beliefs.  How would it be if professional counsellors allowed their own personal belief dictate the way the treated their clients?  Changes the world?  Yes – it stops self-centred christians from counselling people against what’s best for them.

“Macy’s fires woman for refusing ‘transgender’ man access to women’s fitting room”
December 8, 2011
“A woman has been fired from a Macy’s department store for denying a man dressed as a woman access to the women’s fitting room. ‘I had to either comply with Macy’s or comply with God,’ said Natalie Johnson.”

That’s right – Macy’s have a policy, staff need to follow it.  And where does this god thing call for transgender people to be denied access to a fitting room?  A fucking fitting room?  You know, where you go in and lock the fucking door to keep everyone else out.

“All Ontario teachers will be forced to undergo ‘diversity’ training by 2013: minister”
December 22, 2011
“By 2013 prospective teachers in Ontario will be required to undergo focused training in ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender diversity,’ says a cabinet minister in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government.”

Why would that even be an issue?

“A New Jersey judge ruled against a Christian retreat house that refused to allow a same-sex civil union ceremony to be conducted on its premises, ruling the Constitution allows ‘some intrusion into religious freedom to balance other important societal goals’.”
January 12, 2012

Well, it’s debatable whether the ‘premises’ is private.  It’s in a public park and the retreat house (code for christian church) receives public money to maintain it.  Everyone climbs all over the pavilion. [SOURCE]

“Gay activists attack church over same-sex marriage message”

15 February 2012
“Same Sex Marriage supporters attacked Wallsend, NSW Presbyterian Church last night in response to a message criticising same-sex marriage displayed on the building’s outside notice board.”

Yep, out and out vandalism.  Shouldn’t be allowed.  Changes everything?  No.  Perpetrators who break the law will be treated as criminals, charged, jailed or fined.

Homosexual marriage changes everything. Who will be the next one to be fired, fined or kicked out of a job?

And on and on he goes with article after article.

For Bill, having a few civil servants being asked to do their job, or some teachers being trained to ensure they treat all children fairly is wrong.  He wants christians to have a special status in the world.  They have to be allowed to follow their faith, regardless of where they work.  It doesn’t matter to him that what they are doing may cause great harm to those they come in contact with.

Marriage equality won’t change everything.  It will make the work a better place.  He won’t even notice any difference.

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