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The New South Wales parliament has passed a bill allowing same-sex couples to adopt.  And it’s about bloody time.

Predictably the wankers are out in force, using the same old tired arguments, you know, what about the rights of the child, the child has a right to a mother and a father, children do best when their parents are married and opposite and on and on they go.

Of course, the bit that they continually neglect to mention is that they’re religious fuck knuckles.  They think that homosexuality is wrong.  There’s a stress in their lives and when they talk about the rights of the child, they don’t really give a flying fuck about those rights, it’s a device they use to hide behind, because what’s really driving them to distraction is that they think god won’t like what’s happening.

This is despite the fact that their god has done fuck all since he created the universe.  He seems rather, well, dead.

The christians fucktards float around the idea that there are an ‘overwhelming’ amount of research that indicates that children ‘fare’ better when they are in a heterosexual parenting household.  It’s even better if the parents are married.

That’s nice.

One right-wing wingnut – Bill Muehlenberg has his knickers in such a twist that he actually thinks the world is on the brink of disaster.  And guess what?  It’d be the gays who are to blame.

In a piece on Online Opinion he talks about how children have a natural birthright to a mother and father.  I’m not sure where the notion of natural birthright comes from, and as far as I know you still need a mother and a father.  I think what he’s getting at is that if you are going to have children then their mother and father should be the custodians.  He uses phrases like ‘radical social experiment’ and a claim:

“The emotional appeals of homosexuals and their own selfish adult demands must be balanced by the interests of the child, and the right of every child to be raised by a mother and a father.”

Emotional appeals? Selfish adult demands?

I think, and this is of course a Llama opinion that you are all entitled too, that people generally want children, sexuality is no barrier for this desire.  All adults are selfish in this regard, no matter what their sexuality, most of us like the idea of having a child, it’s an instinct that drives the human race (and I suspect most other species).  The need to have children is a selfish, inexplicable need that most of us have.  Nobody thinks “I’m going to have a child because I’m in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex”  it’s more likely to be “let’s have children because it’ll be fun and make us happy and my friends have already started”.  This whole notion that somehow only gay people have children for selfish reasons is very short-sighted and crap really.

And what of the right to be raised by a mother and father?  What’s that about really?  Who made up that rule?  I rather suspect Bill made it up.

I agree that children have a right to a safe environment to grow up in.  People like Bill the Maulenberg have it in their minds that the gay lot are evil people.  This is his starting position.  Nothing they want or do can be, in his mind, conceived as being good.

This is despite the fact that his ‘research’ says something along the lines that ‘children do better’ in a straight married family.  They also do better if they live in an affluent suburb, if their parents are rich, if they go to a private school, if daddy has connections for future employment, if mummy can drive a 4WD to soccer practice, if a Liberal governement is in power, if they know the local priest, if they get good grades at school, if they find a fish in their gumboot, if they can tie their pubic hair in knots.

Nobody is suggesting these things.  Nobody says that unless you are employed, in a stable relationship and have the ability to provide top notch money for your offspring, that you can actually have children.

In fact, plenty of children in this world are actually born to parents who are married, but are also poor.  Can’t afford to send the kids to a good school, there may also be issues of lack of food, lack of accommodation, lack of stability.  Nobody says that they can’t have children,  In fact, even if it was somehow mandated, they would still breed.

But Bill Mule-head wants to ignore all of this, it doesn’t even get a mention.  And why not?  I suspect that it’s because of the other things that his article doesn’t mention.  He’s a die-hard christian who thinks that christ is on his way back and he won’t be very happy.  He thinks that god hates fags and we’re all going to be punished.

Gay couples are able to, can do, and will continue to raise children.  What our society needs is proper support of families raising children, regardless of the situation of the parents.  We need proper education, we need proper wages and tax benefits for families.  Not for any stupid religious reasons, but because being a child isn’t the fault of the child, they are at the mercy of the world that they abruptly find themselves in.  They are also our future, we owe it to them to help them grow and develop.

When Bill Fishbrain starts being honest about the real reasons why he posts dribble, then perhaps we can take him seriously, until then, he’s as bad as a rabid alpaca that got shorn before the first snow of the season.

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