What the Mule is up against!


In another of the Mules shrill attempts to claim how hard his life is becoming and how everyone hates him, he goes to extraordinary lengths to make a crisis where there is none.  He is upset because somebody made a hoax call therefore everyone is at risk of being dragged off in handcuffs!

Anyone who stands up for faith, family and freedom today knows full well that the other side fights dirty. This is to be expected of course – given their paucity of solid arguments, facts or evidence, they find it is far easier to sling mud, attack people, and resort to every low down and dirty tactic around.

He’s talking about those who have a different point of view to him.  His solid argument, on the other hand amounts to nothing more than the fanciful notion that the bible is real and god created everything.

But it is nonetheless worth alerting you to this. I share all this not to scare you out of standing up and being counted, but to forewarn you of the sorts of tactics you will be on the receiving end of if you do stand tall.

Yeah, you want to scare people, you want to demonise and victimise people who disagree with your religious point of view.  You want your faithful followers to think that the devil is real and in control of the left.  Arsehole.

In the US the militant secular lefties are now engaging in SWATting. US conservative writer Katie Pavlich explains: “What does the far left do when they disagree with conservative bloggers? They call the police from a phone program pretending to be (insert conservative blogger here), say something horrific such as ‘I just shot my wife,’ hang up and then laugh as a local SWAT team descends on the house of (insert conservative blogger here) for no real reason.

“This ladies and gentleman is not a joke, it’s what far left activists are doing to silence conservatives. CNN contributor and Red State editor-in-chief Erick Erickson and his family were targeted over the weekend. The SWATting occurred just after Erickson had written a piece about left wing domestic terrorist and convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin….

“Tonight, my family was sitting around the kitchen table eating dinner when sheriffs deputies pulled up in the driveway. Someone called 911 from my address claiming there had been an accidental shooting. Luckily it was two sheriffs deputies who knew me and I had already, last week, advised the Sheriff’s Department to be on the look out for something like this.”

This is made up crap.  Really, it’s crazy talk from people fabricating a crisis where there is none.  Yes, people do make prank calls to emergency services, (Triple 0 or 911), yes that’s wrong, yes it puts lives at risk.  The claim that militant secular lefties are engaging in SWATting is unfounded.  There is no evidence of it and the cases in question are 3.  That’s right, just 3.

Read this article, it seems to be the source.

From that article we get this:

Erickson, a commentator for CNN and a columnist for The Telegraph, said Wednesday that he is the third political pundit to be the victim of “swatting,” in which a prank caller calls law enforcement claiming that shots have been fired at the victim’s home.

In the previous two cases, Erickson said, police SWAT teams showed up at the victims’ homes after midnight with weapons drawn.

Erickson said there’s a possibility that all three cases are related, since the other two pundits have also written recent commentaries about activist Brett Kimberlin, who was convicted for a series of bombings in Speedway, Ind., in 1978 and later paroled.

The victim of the hoax, Erickson is the one to make the tenuous connection between the other two incidents and his.  He’s also the one to claim that the other two incidents involved SWAT teams showing up with weapons drawn (oh yeah, SWAT teams always shows up with their weapons not drawn!)  The start of creating a pseudo crisis!

Back to Billy the Mule, to see what he makes of all this.

Many of these folks are not so lucky, and get dragged away in handcuffs – and then the ordeal begins. That’s some pretty scary and horrific stuff alright. But are we really surprised that the other side would actually stoop to such disgusting tactics?

Dragged away in handcuffs?  You made that up.  The ‘other side’ has not stooped to such tactics, you’re being a drama queen.

It will only get worse unfortunately. While the militants are seeking to use our laws and our courts to fully silence us – as in discrimination legislation and hate crimes laws – they are also willing to use any ugly trick in the book to silence us and stifle dissent.

Jesus fucking christ, let’s see how this works.  Prank call results in SWAT team arriving at your house.  They survey the situation, maybe storm the house, secure it at gun point if necessary, find no blood or dead people, realise it’s a hoax and leave.  That’s the worse possible scenario.  The reality is that nobody is deploying a SWAT team based on one phone call without a bit of evidence.  Nobody is charged because they’re an innocent victim of a hoax.  Nobody is being silenced.

There is no organise militant leftist organisation busily arranging prank phone calls to any emergency services.  This sort of tactic is not going to silence anyone at all.  Nobody is actually dead, there is no crime for any hapless victim to answer too.

We need intellectual and spiritual ammunition and protection here. First, since this is a war of ideas as much as anything, we need to be well read and know our stuff. We dare not enter some of these battles without knowing what we are talking about.

Oh oh, I can feel a sales pitch for his book coming on…

So if you are going to enter into some of these hot potato debates, you really do need to know your facts, and you need to be very well read. In a war of ideas, information is ammunition. We need all the good info we can get. That is why for example I spent 20 years writing Strained Relations. With over 700 footnotes it provides you with all the info, data, facts and evidence to deal with the homosexual debate.

And there it is!

Secondly, since this is ultimately a spiritual war, we need to be well prayed up. I cannot overemphasise the importance of this. At the end of the day we are dealing with spiritual powers and forces here. Many of these anti-faith, anti-family, anti-life, and anti-freedom ideologies come straight out of the pit of hell.

There are real demonic forces behind much of this – if you don’t believe this, you ought to read some of the hate mail I get. If we think we can take this on in our own strength, we are just kidding ourselves. Indeed, we will all be toast if we do not go out with the full armour of God. No one engaging in these sorts of battles should do so without adequate prayer cover.

The Pits of Hell

From the Pits of Hell

You recall at the start the Mule said that the other side will resort to name calling and mud-slinging.  Here he is saying that the ideologies come straight out of the pit of hell.  He’s saying that there are real demonic forces behind this.  That means that he thinks that I’m a demon or devil or that I’m possessed and therefore evil and worthy of nothing in this life.  I don’t accept or believe that for one moment, but fair dinkum Mule that’s just vile to suggest that your fellow humans are so bad and evil that you equate them to the devil.  At the same time you’re upset because somebody called you a bigot and a cunt.

Anyone doing this work needs a team of prayer warriors who will intercede on your behalf 24/7. The very demons of hell will try to wear you down, discourage you, intimidate you, bully you and frighten you. Without the protection of God we will simply not be able to stand.

Well, yes, please, all you that are trying to stop the demons of hell get down on your fucking knees and pray.  That’ll keep you busy, the rest of humanity can get on with treating people with respect and dignity.

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