Billy says jesus did not come to earth!


Becoming a Christian, as important as that is, is simply the first step in a very long journey. Jesus did not come to earth, die a horrible death, and then rise again just so that we could be forgiven, as important as that is. He came so that we might be remade in his image.

Sometimes it’s too easy.  Did Billy just say Jesus did not come to earth? Oh, must not take it out of context!

As it happens, according to the holy babble, jesus didn’t die a horrible death.  He was nailed to a cross and died within a couple of hours.  Dying a horrible death is to die with cancer, over many years, always in pain.  Leaving your family behind that you know is watching you die a horrible slow painful death.  Falling into a coma and starving to death.  That’s horrible.  Jesus on the other hand had it easy.  All he had was a bunch of 12 men who ran away, a mother who thought her son was god and a father who didn’t give sperm and probably considered jesus a bastard.  On top of that jesus is supposed to have lived without sin, didn’t need to work, spent ages talking to other people.  Sounds like a horrible existence.

I love the fact that Billy is telling us that jesus died so that we could be forgiven.  And yet christians still believe that they are sinners and that they have to seek forgiveness.   Hang on – didn’t jesus already have that covered?

Anyway, off to do some sinning because I’m already forgiven.  Go me and my woolly bits!

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One Response to Billy says jesus did not come to earth!

  1. Ronson Dalby says:

    You have to wonder what happened to people like Billy in their formative years to make them the way they are today.