Stupid abortion sculpture


A great and compelling picture is making the rounds at the moment.

This photo doesn’t any more introduction than the information that is posted down the bottom.

Make sure you view in full screen.

I love me old mate Spinksy.

Here’s the image:

Ho hum.

So, the ‘meaning’ is the woman feels remorse and has her head buried in her hands in repentance.  The young child, a girl, transparent, is touching her hand on what we assume is her mothers head as an act of forgiveness.

It would seem that the mother regrets the abortion of the foetus that is now represent not by a lump of dead cells but a clothed girl, about 8 years old.

Of course, if the child had turned into the next Queen Mary1 many of the English would cheer her abortion.  If the child where to grow up and demand the death of all men with facial hair we would cheer her abortion and the mother kneeling here would in fact be rejoicing.

Pretending that abortion is a bad thing because you deprive the child of the chance of life is simply silly.  You may also be saving the world from something evil.  You maybe saving the child from a horrible life of pain and illness.

Tugging on the heart-strings is the christian method.  As with all their make-believe crap it’s all based on what might be instead of what is.

Spinksy and his christian resistance to thinking crowd really shouldn’t do the ‘what if’.  What if he’d never been born?

  1.  Queen of England, killed plenty of people SOURCE
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