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It’s been awhile, I’ve been busy getting the knots out of my knickers, being hairy has it’s draw backs.  I happen to glance up to see Billy talking about truth, I thought, this’ll be good…

Truth-Telling and Homosexuality

The title should be enough to make me stop and go and play some squash.  Billy really doesn’t get the concept of truth.  Still, let me pull some of his latest truth telling apart for you, after all, it’s good sport.

If ever there was a subject which is almost universally surrounded in falsehoods, deception and misinformation, it is the topic of homosexuality. So powerful is the homosexual juggernaut that very few media outlets are left which will dare to challenge anything it claims.

Actually, take out the word homosexuality and replace it with christianity and you’ve got something closer to the truth.

Not only is the lamestream media pretty much useless here, but the activists have done a great job of taking over the schools, the judiciary, the political sphere, and even the corporate arena. There is almost nothing that takes more courage today, and features more risks, than daring to publicly resist the radical homosexual agenda.

Oh for fuck sake, he sounds just like those Nazis who claimed the jews were taking over the judiciary, the political sphere and even big businesses.  Yep, I went there.

Let me cite a few of these recent voices. And sometimes they come from rather unexpected quarters. One very interesting piece recently appeared by a homosexual historian. In it he argues that nobody is ‘born that way,’ and offers a lengthy case to make his point. David Benkof says in conclusion:

Of course, none of this means people don’t have sexual orientations today, it just means sexual orientations are specific to our culture, and thus not basic human nature. In tech-speak, that means being gay is in the software of some people’s lives, but it’s in nobody’s hardware.
The compelling evidence nobody’s born gay doesn’t necessarily have to shred the LGBT agenda. Legitimate reasons for more liberal attitudes and policies regarding gays and lesbians still exist, such as freedom of association, the right to privacy, and respect for other people’s experiences. But those who demand social or political change because gays are born that way just don’t know much about history.

Yes, interesting.  David Benkof isn’t saying that gay people don’t exist or that we aren’t gay.  He seems to be suggesting that claiming to be born gay isn’t right.  Whether or not that’s true should surely be of limited use.  He’s saying that our current construct in society of gay and or straight is unique to our society.  You should also know that Benkof is a gay orthodox jew who is trying really hard to obey the bible and not have sex with men.  He probably thinks that christians are stupid in thinking the messiah has been and gone, and just for the record, Uncle Billy thinks that Benkof is bound for hell as he hasn’t accepted jesus as his lord and saviour.  Benkof’s whole article is well worth a read where you’ll find this line:

There weren’t straight people, either. Only our society believes people are oriented in just one direction, as gay history pioneer Jonathan Ned Katz, formerly of Yale, explained in his book The Invention of Heterosexuality.

You don’t see Billy quoting that bit of information, nor would he quote this line:

But scholars don’t think the ancient Greeks had a gay minority. Rather, that civilization thought homosexuality was something anyone could enjoy. In addition to a wife, elite men were expected to take a younger male as an apprentice-lover, with prescribed bedroom roles.

Benkof is not a brave voice or using a great deal of courage.  If you took his thoughts to their natural conclusion Billy, sexuality wasn’t a problem in biblical times, therefore whatever the story about Sodom was about, it wasn’t a protest to bum sex.

And also quite revealing is the recent announcement by the Royal College of Psychiatrists that people are not actually born homosexual. Instead, “sexual orientation is determined by a combination of biological and postnatal environmental factors”. Indeed, they even went on to say, “[it] is not the case that sexual orientation is immutable or might not vary to some extent in a person’s life.”

Oh please, even more reason to let people be who they want to.  You don’t have to keep your sexual orientation Billy – you too can get some cock into you.

And a lesbian academic has also come out recently saying some very non-PC things about all this. Sex researcher Dr. Lisa Diamond has looked carefully at some of the research on this, and takes a much more nuanced approach than many of the activists and most of the MSM. Her concluding words are these:

1. fluidity in identity, attraction and behavior is NOT specific to women but a general feature of human sexuality, one which is also confirmed by historical and cross-cultural literature;
2. the various sexual categories currently in use (LGBTQI, etc.) are useful heuristics (mental shortcuts, rules of thumb, educated guesses or stereotypes), but though “they have meaning in our culture, … we have to be careful in presuming that they represent natural phenomena” (38:55);
and 3. it is “tricky” to use these categories for advocating rights based on the concept of immutability “now that we know it is not true … As a community, the queers have to stop saying: ‘Please help us, we were born this way and we can’t change’ as an argument for legal standing.”

It’s interesting to note that Dr Diamonds study “Female bisexuality from adolescence to adulthood” suggests that there is “considerable fluidity in bisexual, unlabeled, and lesbian women’s attractions, behaviors, and identities”.  So, yes, in one sense I can’t say I was born this way, but at the same time I can say to the likes of Billy – fuck off, if I want sex with men then that’s up to me.

Finally, major study has found what many of have already known: relationship issues are among the main cause of homosexual suicide. As one story begins:

While many assume that family rejection is the leading cause of depression among LBGTI individuals, a new study has found that in fact the problem appears to stem predominantly from the higher incidence of relationship problems among homosexuals. Dr. Delaney Skerrett led a team of researchers from the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) in studying suicides in Queensland. He found that a leading cause of suicide among “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex” (LGBTI) people is stress from their romantic partners.
“We tend to assume that the psychological distress LGBTI people are often going through is due to family rejection. But it seems that’s not so much the case. The conflict seems to be largely related to relationship problems, with partners,” Dr. Skerrett said. In fact, he said, “The numbers are telling us there’s a general acceptance at the family level,” something he said is “great” and “really heartening!”
Instead, the study, which was published on April 2 in Asia Pacific Psychiatry, found that “LGBT individuals experienced relationship problems more often” than heterosexuals, “with relationship conflict also being more frequent than in non?LGBT cases.” That confirms previous studies finding that homosexuals also face higher rates of intimate partner violence than heterosexuals.

It’s not at all clear that this is a major study, in fact, I doubt that it would be considered major.  If you read the full paper in question you’ll see that there are a number of cautions in it, and this acknowledgement:

There are certain limitations to this study that need to be acknowledged. The information contained in the QSR is collected chiefly by police officers through interviews with next of kin (NOK) and the accuracy of this is likely to be affected by the grief experienced in the loss of a loved one to suicide. We were also unable to analyze all the social, cultural, and psychological factors that may have been associated with the suicides of the individuals studied, particularly as these may have been unknown to the NOK. What is more, the factors we have been able to identify cannot be claimed to have a causal relationship with the suicidal acts concerned because of the nature of this study, and caution should be exercised in interpreting the results.

Yes, we should be cautious about interpreting the results.

Dissent will be punished

So there we have four different voices taking a rather differing line to the orthodox homosexual mantra. But as I said, those who dare to speak out will often be harshly dealt with.

Nobody has been harshly dealt with because they’ve conducted research or even published their findings or essays.  The people who should be harshly dealt with are the fuck-knuckles who cherry pick pieces of information to support their own cause with scant regard to reality.

Nowhere did anyone suggest that gay people should be made straight.  The “major study” actually highlights the need for more resources to ensure the ongoing well-being of gay people.

Given the salience of conflict over sexuality in the life events of the LGBT individuals that died by suicide in the present study, self-acceptance and stigma reduction would seem to be important foci to target.

Another fact that Billy likes to overlook.

Consider just one more recent example of this. One expert who dared to warn about the dangerous nature of homosexual activity has lost his job as a result:

He’s a pioneer in the realm of clinical infectious diseases in the Caribbean. And now he’s under fire for testifying that homosexual intercourse is dangerous to those who practice it—and to public health in general. Professor Brendan Bain, a practicing Christian who serves to treat AIDS patients, was the director of the regional coordinating unit of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART) at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, until his anti-gay sex comments caught up with him.

Bain was fired in the wake of fallout related to his testimony on behalf of a group of churches working to keep Belize’s sodomy law in place in 2012. It took two years, but now he’s paying the price for his beliefs. Bain’s testimony was based on his research, which shows the relative risk of contracting HIV is significantly higher among men who have sex with other men (MSM) in Belize than in the general population. His research concludes the same truth in several other countries for which data is available, including countries that have repealed the law that criminalizes anal sex and countries where the law still applies.

Well, that’s one way to interpret it.  The University says that it had no issue with Bain having the opinion that he did, but then goes on to say that he has lost the support of the community.

While the university recognizes the right of professor Bain to provide expert testimony in the manner he did, it has become increasingly evident that Professor Bain has lost the confidence and support of a significant sector of the community which the CHART program is expected to reach, including the loss of his leadership status in PANCAP, thereby undermining the ability of this program, to effectively deliver on its mandate. It is for this reason that the University of the West Indies has decided to terminate the contract of Professor Bain as Director of the Regional Coordinating Unit (RCU) of the Caribbean HIV/Training (CHART) Network.

So, yes, he was fired in the wake of the fallout – because he lost the support of those he was supposed to be helping.  He was undermining the ability of the program to deliver!  In other words, he’s the wrong man for the job.

Yep, speaking the truth can be very costly today, especially when you dare to speak truth about the homosexual lifestyle and agenda. But it is good to see a few brave voices being raised. We need much more of this of course. But it is a good start, and I will continue to publicise it.

Speaking the truth?  You don’t want to speak the truth Billy.  You only pay attention to the bits that support your position that your god said that gay people should be stoned to death.  All of your ‘truth’ is based on that one fairy tale and you continue to pretend to care about others, when all you really care about is stopping progress in the name of your fucked up small-minded arrogant religion.


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