Jago is Unnatural


Arnold Jago is a doctor who really should know better.  I’ve passed comments about him before

The reasons why homosexual acts are wrong are not primarily to do with statistics or survival rates.
The issue is a moral one.

Really?  Based on what?  Who gets hurt in a consensual homosexual act?  Nobody.  What’s immoral about that?

Is it or is it not contrary to natural law to engage in anal and/or oral sex?
That is the question that matters.

Obviously it isn’t contrary to any natural law, because we’re doing it.

What is contrary to natural law is, by definition, bad for people as people.

Seriously?  Hearing aids?  Glasses? Artificial limbs?  Medication?  Pain killers?  Are all those man-made things contrary to the natural law by definition?

The job of a caring society is to find ways to discourage unnatural practices without being uncharitable about it.

How is gay sex unnatural?  How?

There is nothing charitable about asking anyone to curb their natural inclinations, that’s simply unjust and unfair Arny Sweetie.

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