AJN Watch, hate speech and media sluts

If you really want to see how nasty and hateful religion can be have a look at AJN Watch.  It’s a blog that stops at nothing to trot out its dreadful hate speech based on their version of the bible and they then pretend that it’s ok.

The ignorant, idiotic words of a useless bygone era, an era where their so called god would punish his chosen people for the silliest of reasons and would deliberately set them up to fail and then punish them, is still being use to justify hatred and intolerance.  The cocked up piece of shit called the torah has been translated, copied and modified so many times over thousands of years that its true meaning has been well and truly lost.  Why anyone treats it as a basis for a system of law instead of an old script for “Days of Our Lives” is beyond me.

Then you have the brainless flocculent orthodox jews who believe, with all their minuscule brains, that the torah is the word of god, they are so fearful of their god that they won’t even use the word god.  They put a hyphen or dash in, so god becomes g_d or g-d.   Fill in your own vowel.  Gad, ged, gid, gud.  I like gud the best.  They’ve stopped following the torah all together, they would disagree, but so much of what they do today is not really based on what the torah says.  They attempt to translate what the author of that gross book wrote into today’s language.  They have already dropped off anything that is just plain silly, and modified or simply ignore anything that the rest of civilisation frowns upon, like stoning adulterers, keeping slaves, sacrificing live animals.  You can find the orthodox jews wandering around the streets refusing to push the button on pedestrian crossings because the torah forbids them to work.  You find them dressed in sheepheaded hats that don’t come from a biblical background, they wear their locks overly long on their heads because of some half-witted interpretation of their holy book.

So, having said all this really hateful stuff, this vilifying language that I believe I have the right to express in any way I see fit, I then look at the absurdity of AJN Watch claim for their hate speech around homosexuality.  The author of that evil blog has no problem in hating jews who happen to be gay, and continually turns a blind eye to the fact that his words of vilification has an impact on young impressionable people who are just coming to terms with their sexuality.  Orthodoxy is such that the children of orthodoxy are indoctrinated from birth in the same inane manner.  This means that they generally follow in daddy’s footsteps and accept that the holy babble is truly the word of gud.  If they do happen to be gay, they are then  caught between their faith and their sexuality.  Have no doubt about it, young people want to have sex, and if that isn’t bad and guilt ridden enough because of overtly crappy religious dogma, put being gay on top of that and you’re heading for a disaster.  You feel guilty about pulling your pud, (I am talking about the male of the species here)  you feel guilty about even thinking about sex, you feel even worse if you have sexual contact with a woman, and you feel suicidal if you even begin to think about sex with a man.

The nasty words that blogs like AJN Watch use might not incite violence against gay people, but it does and will cause grief amongst its followers who happen to be gay.  Instead of finding a way to assist those young people they simply turn the hate speech up a notch and spread their thick-headed attitudes about.

Dr Lynne Hillier from La Trobe University has this to say [SOURCE]:

We, as a society have a responsibility to our young people to protect them from all bigotry, particularly homophobic abuse and the terrible damage it wreaks.

Dr Hillier points out that it is hard for a young person who is gay to approach their heterosexual parents, even harder when those parents have religion and treat homosexuality as an illness or problem that can be solved by gud.  Any religion that continues to base the treatment of same sex attraction on the bible is now out of step with contemporary society and needs a bloody big attitude adjustment.   In the same vein, it is no longer ok to sit back and say you can do nothing about it, that the fundamentalist attitude is outside your control.  Bullshit.  It’s time to take hatred to task, no matter where it is.  It’s no longer ok to hide behind fuck-knuckle beliefs that do damage to people.

The religious nutters also then attempt to exclude anyone who disagrees with them from the inside as not being jewish.  So when someone has a different outlook, they use devices like telling the dissenters that they are fringe dwellers or have no place in the jewish community.  They can’t accept that anyone who disagrees with them could possibly be jewish.

The thing that really gets their goat however, is having their irrelevant, laughable moronic attitudes held up to public scrutiny.  As happened last week on the ABC’s radio program PM.  Suddenly national attention is focused on the orthodox community, their mindless attitudes are held up for inspection and they don’t like it.

It’s about time I say.  For way too long the extreme fringes of religion have held the moderates and the non-believers back.  It’s time for the sane people to step forward and knock orthodoxy off its fucking feet and show how twisted and screwed up literal interpretations of a book written well over 2,000 years ago are wrong.  It’s a start towards deconstructing the unintelligent interpretation of that appalling book and a move to getting gud out of the way of religion so that the real people can shine and show what it really means to actually be nice to everyone around you without the overbearing guilt and hatred associated with a non-existent deity that stopped being relevant to the world when we worked out that the earth is round and spins around the sun.

Sorry, I seem to have been spitting a bit – hope you didn’t get any in your eye.

Shana Tova.

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7 Responses to AJN Watch, hate speech and media sluts

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  2. Matt says:

    Does it not strike you as ironic that some of your own language on this blog could be seen by some (and, possibly, under the law) as hate speech? The problem with bile, of any sort, is that it doesn’t promote dialogue but causes division.

    • Bruce says:

      Why Matt, thanks for you input.

      I think I made it quite clear in the blog that I see this language as hateful and vilifying.

      Religion deserves no special respect. You can change your religion if you want. You can choose to turf it out of your life if you want. You can change and alter it in anyway that you please.

      You can’t change your sexuality, your skin colour, the country you were born in, your left-handiness and I’m sure a whole range of other things. “Hate speech” towards religion is well overdue and its time it was called for what it is. A method of control. It’s outdated and useless. Time to ditch it.

  3. Matt says:

    It happens that I am devoid of any religiosity and personally dislike organised religion in particular. So you find little disagreement on that front from me. I just wonder if we wish for others to behave properly, whether we should be modelling that behaviour.

    • Bruce says:

      That’s an interesting thing to wonder. Have you come up with an answer? Is this the old ‘do unto others as you’d like to have them do unto you’?
      Nice to see you are devoid. The world needs more devoid people.

  4. Matt says:

    Well the answer for me is not to rail against the religious in terms that are hostile, but rather to seek engagement and respect while turning their views. That said, I do recall on at least one occasion having a go at a well known religious/morals crank as a ‘straw man’ so to speak. She probably deserved it, but then again she represented the fringe and noone could have had a better public enemy when running a media campaign for equal rights.

    • Bruce says:

      I’m glad you have the answer. As you say, that is the answer for you.

      It’s a quaint notion to seek engagement and respect. There’s very little respect for a counter point of view for religious nutters. I don’t think that approach would be particularly useful. However, I’m not trying to openly engage the nutters. I write a blog. I sit in my darkened paddock, chewing my cud, lobbing stink bombs across the ether. I do it for my own self indulgence and self expression. Maybe someone will sit up and take notice, maybe they won’t.

      Oh to be a world famous llama.

      Thanks for your valuable opinions. Most welcoming.