Thank U god

Twitter is a wonderful thing.  You can find out all sorts of information.

There are always trending topics – a subject that a number of people are tweeting about.  I like today’s it was called #thankugod. There were about 100 messages a minute coming in thick and fast.

I followed it for much of the day and was laughing at some of the things that god gets thanked for.

Just now, as I’m writing this blog, the Americans are waking up.  The christian Americans reach for their computer or mobile phone and send a tweet – it says something like:

#thankuGod for waking me up this morning

Hundreds of these messages.  Those guys have jesus bad.

Of course, I could let the chance pass me by – I had to send some of my own tweets:

#thankugod for toilet paper – imagine a world without it.
#thankugod for the rich catholic church – jesus can get on and help the poor people now
#thankugod for lions, tigers, snakes and other things that control the population – can we have some more please? In the churches perhaps?
#thankugod for nits, fleas, mosquitoes and rats – great way to spread disease – you’re so clever
#thankugod for all priests who sexually assault the faithful – nice work jesus you prick
#thankugod for the 1400+ people that died in Hurricane Katrina In New Orleans – soggy souls for jesus.
#thankugod fo the total number of undernourished people in the world it reached 963 million in 2008
#thankugod for paying the Qantas CEO $11mil -that helps the poor
#thankugod Let’s thank god for killing over 130 people in the Victorian Bushfires 2009 -BBQ the souls jesus
#thankugod Let’s thank him for killing over 200,00 people in the 2004 tsunami. Real decent of you god.

Check out the latest thanks to the lord here.

I can just see jesus sitting on the toilet trying to catch up with his overnight tweets.  Oh, maybe that’s just me.

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4 Responses to Thank U god

  1. Daphon says:

    #thankugod for the laugh I got reading Bruce Llama first thing after brekkie.

  2. 1minion says:

    Reading about all the fun people get out of Twitter makes me consider joining up..

    • Bruce says:

      It supplies me with no end of fun. Get on and follow the llama. I like it when people follow me. Welcome to the llama blog 1minion. Nice to see you again Daphon.

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