Aleph stands against homophobia


Aleph is a group of people  who to happen to be gay and happen to be jewish.  They’ve taken exception to comments made on a blog called AJN Watch.  That particular blog keeps a watch on a printed newspaper called AJN (Australian Jewish News).  (How’s it going? You keeping up?)

So when the newspaper prints something that isn’t quite ‘kosher’ the blog likes to point out the error of their ways.  I can only guess that some raccoon hat  wearing orthodox jew is behind it.

The recent tragic shootings in Tel Aviv was most disturbing.  The ramifications for some of the young people are horrendous as they are outed to their family and friends through no fault of their own.

Then to have such vile words muttered from the other side of the world is just disgusting and shows how religion is used as an excuse to hide people’s true feelings.

The Prime Minister of Israel manages to get it right, he says:

“Anyone who has suffered from baseless hatred, as an individual or in a group, knows how painful and unacceptable it is. This is something we must uproot from society as much as possible,” he added. “I think Israeli society has made progress toward tolerance, and I hope and feel certain that we can make further progress.”

Compare that to the drivel from AJN Watch:

The last thing their readers are interested in is what is happening in Tel Aviv snakepits of dreck and perversion.


Your comment that “Israel is one of the more gay-friendly countries in the world and you don’t have to spend too much time in the more vibrant sections of Tel Aviv to become aware of a strong and tolerant gay culture” indeed nauseates, depresses and disgusts not only Hamodia readers, but all decent, civilized and moral people – of all religious beliefs. Your pride and delight that Israel has become a world-leader in depravity and debasement says much about you and your publication.

and what about this from the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism and the Rabbinical Assembly [SOURCE]:

Unfortunately, some voices in that society seek to incite violence against the gay and lesbian community; they should be held to account.

then this from the Southern Star article:

“The impact it has is, it sends a message to hate gay people,” he told Southern Star.
“It’s just a horrible diatribe. It incites more hatred and I think that oversteps the mark.”

I can’t believe that one of the most maligned group of people on the face of the planet (the jews) think it is ok to victimise, abuse, ignore and trample on the rights of another maligned group (GLBT).  What makes it even worse is that these people were gay and jewish.  So much for solidarity.

If the Prime Minister of Israel gets it, if he understands that its not ok to abuse people simply because they are gay, then its about time the opinion of second (no, 30th) rate rabbis pull their heads in and are called to account for their hate speech.

If the conservative judaism and rabbinical assembly gets it, if they know that all people should be treated equally and we should respect our human rights, then why can’t black coat curly hair types get it?

The world needs to change, I’ve been banging on about this for ages now.  It is no longer acceptable to say fucking horrible things against people because of their race, their sexual orientation or their gender.  It is no longer ok to hide behind silly hats, long dresses and dead men on sticks claiming some sort of divine right to be a hate mongering bastard.

Good for Aleph, lets hope that their message gets out to the world and the noisy empty headed unshaven religious types are finally called to account.

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