Tolerate intolerance? I don’t think so

I’ve been thinking.

Yes, I do think.  I try to limit it a bit, but I can’t help it.

I’ve been accused of being intolerant, you know what, I am intolerant when it comes to religion.  People tell me that religion is ok and I need to accept that, and that if I want to see any change I can’t be so hardline about my attitudes

I disagree. I find religious belief to be an insult to all humanity. I have no respect for it and religion has no right to be considered a human right. I can’t change my sexuality, (I tried and was unsuccessful) I can’t change my left handedness (the nuns tried and failed), I can’t change my eye colour, I can’t change my hairline, (its way beyond change), I can’t change the country of my birth or my ethnic heritage. I can change religion if I so desire. I can choose to belong or not as I see fit. I can also belong to the Melbourne Cricket Club or the local gay community radio station or the Lions Club or the…I’m sure you get that point. I don’t expect to be discriminated against what I can’t change. I don’t believe that any religion should have the right to discriminate against anyone based on something that is unchangeable. I acknowledge that a lot of good is done in society through religion, however that does not make it ok to continue to pander to the stupid belief systems based on ancient texts that bare little or no relevance to today’s society. I also know how confronting that is to those with deeply held beliefs. I have no qualms about challenging those beliefs. I find most religious people are otherwise intelligent.So, just like secular organisations that are not permitted to say hateful things or generally to discriminate, religion should be the same. I don’t believe it is any longer acceptable to hide behind this pseudo human right of religion to justify the hatred and contempt that they hold particularly for gay people. It needs to be challenged and changed. If it’s ok for the Mormons or the Scientologist to alter or create their sacred texts on a regular basis, its ok for the Jews and the christians.

I fully understand that the vast majority of people disagree with my stand. That’s fine. When you talk of compromise it’s important that there is clarity about where I stand. My ‘hardline’ views are just as ‘hardline’ as those of the ultra orthodox. However, I live in hope. If Mikhail Gorbachev can denounce his basic deeply held communist attitudes and embrace an abhorrent capitalist attitude, then the ultra religious can embrace a new ethical framework.

I think its time to take a stand. In my own small way I will take on the challenge of the over-religious who use their religion as a weapon to control the populace.

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2 Responses to Tolerate intolerance? I don’t think so

  1. Dave says:

    Good on you – as far as I’m concerned, the more offensive the deeply religious find your opinions and/or lifestyle choices, the better. For my own amusement I try to use sarcasm as a tool of offence. It has the added bonus of sometimes going right over the heads of the religious. which is sometimes even more amusing. Take care.
    Reason Must Triumph