Pope Calls for Unity!


Pardon me while I splutter a bit.

Sorry, hope I didn’t get any llama spit in your eye.

Pope Benedict XVI ended the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity by saying the path to unity is a moral imperative.

Oh yes, it’s important that you guys work out this moral imperative, it’s way more important than helping the poor, stopping kiddie fiddlers in your ranks or giving dead popes saint status.  And it’s always great to pray for shit, because that always works.  Well, it works if your  a nun with Parkinson’s disease, praying to a dead pope seems to cure that.  Maybe there is something in it….. nah.

The Pope said the ecumenical movement over the last few decades has taken significant steps forward, such that there is encouraging convergence and consent on varied points, as well as mutual esteem and respect and concrete collaboration.

How do you reckon that they’ll get on with the Uniting Church, they’re keen to ordain ministers who are gay, they are indeed very welcoming.  Perhaps pope bendydick would sooner talk to the break away group who are setting their own little tribe because of the Uniting Churches stance on homosexuality.

FIHAKI: It’s most definitely I think that was one of the options, but we have stayed within the Uniting Church, we saw God calling us strongly to stay within the Uniting Church. We love the Uniting Church, we want to see the Uniting Church change and return to the gospel as the basis for its foundations so yeah. We feel strongly to stay within the church and continue to pray and work for its reform.

Oh, but then again, it seems god has other ideas.  Perhaps the same god is calling on bendydick to join the Uniting Church?

Or what about those pesky anglicans?  They want poofs as bishops as well, although some of them have boycotted a meeting in Dublin, so perhaps bendydick might like to talk to them – oh, wait, he already has, he’s so keen to get unity that he’s allowed some married anglican priests into the flock.

I mean really, you guys can’t agree on the big issues, like which colour dress you should wear at Easter, let alone whether or not it’s ok to let a flaming queen lead the service.

Bendydick thinks that the reason they can’t agree on this whole unity thing is

a lack of trust in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s more likely to be a desire to preserve your own kingdom and make everyone want to be just like you.  The catholics won’t ever give up their power and domination to allow unity.

Meanwhile, the poor are still poor, the religions still gather huge profits to themselves and god is yet to put in an appearance.

Outlaw the lot of them.

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