Perilous night visit for pilgrims to holy site


Joseph is dead.  He was the son of Jacob.  If he lived, it was a few thousands of years ago.

His tomb is in the West Bank – that’s a bit of land that’s controlled by some arab nutters.  The jews want to go to the tomb to do stuff.  I guess they want to rub some stones or write prayers on bits of paper and shove them in the tomb, or maybe they just want to pray.  In any case, it’s a place they want to go to because they consider it sacred.

The muslims are not to impressed.  The visitors are only allowed in after midnight and then only under heavy guard.

The history of the tomb seems quite interesting, and like so much in the middle east is just confusing.  The muslim say its sacred to them, the jews say its sacred to them.  Don’t know why the christians don’t have a claim.

What’s the fascination about where some long forgotten body is buried?  Is there some vague hope that a visit to the tomb will somehow rub off some magical force?  This type of crap only encourages distrust and hatred between the faiths.

The effort and engery expended in protecting and visiting a site is wasted.  What not spend your time at night doing something useful.  Like sleeping or slipping one into your partner, or llama.  As you like.

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