It’s about 13.5 billion years since we started spinning around the sun, and still we have people being stoned in Pakistan for blasphemy!

How fucking crazy and stupid is that?

On Friday there was a general strike to protest any move to remove the blasphemy laws from the books.  That’s right, people went on strike to ensure they retain the right to kill someone for uttering the name of their pathetic god and prophet in vain.

Blasphemy isn’t a crime.  Nobody gets hurt.  Really.  And no, it’s not a matter of respect.  There is no reason to kill anyone just because they say something you disagree with, and there certainly is no excuse for terminating someone’s life by stoning.  That’s cruel and barbaric.

It’s time to bring pressure to bare.  The Pakistani Government is too scared to act, least it loose power, this then allows the people to enjoy lording it over non-muslims by accusing them of blasphemy, it’s really crazy shit.

In fiery speeches across all major cities and towns, religious leaders warned the government on Friday against altering the law, which carries a mandatory death sentence for anyone convicted of insulting Islam.

Democracy will falter, we’ll end up with another fundamentalist regime, hellbent on imposing more stupid islamic laws that just make no sense.

If your god, if any god, has trouble with the way he is spoken about, then let that god show it by taking some action….. wait for thunder bolts and lightening….. waiting…. oh, nothing.  Zip.  A big fat zero.  There is no god, blasphemy is crap and we should not deal with any country that inflicts this upon their people.

There is no god.

There is no allah.

Mohammed is a crock of shit, nothing but a goat fucker, jesus (if he existed) was just a dirty jewish boy roaming around the middle east causing trouble and Joseph Smith1 was a wanker of the highest order getting drunk and pretending to have visions.

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  1. Joseph Smith is the founder of the church of jesus christ and the latter day saints
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3 Responses to Blasphemy!

  1. Bro! You can’t say that! Mohammed wasn’t a goat fucker! No bro! He was a kiddie fiddler! A paedophile! Seriously, when you’re going to blaspheme, blaspheme with the facts!

    Which raises an interesting question. Nobody denies the dude was shagging the brains out of a nine year old. If you then say (in Saudi Arabia for example) that Mo was a filthy kiddie fiddler, is that blasphemy? Is speaking the commonly accepted truth blasphemy?

    (Ok, seriously, I don’t know for sure he wasn’t a goat fucker. I mean, he may very well have been.)

    Joseph Smith is almost guaranteed to have been a wanker. And I’m thinking he was into shrooms more than alcohol (I mean, have you read the book of Mormon? That’s some crazy shit that needs a bit more help that whiskey!)

  2. I get moist when you write like this.

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