Switzerland votes to ban new minarets


If you happen to be building a mosque in Switzerland, you can’t put any minarets on them.  The Swiss had a vote and most of them said they didn’t want the things.

I think its symbolic, they really don’t want the muslims, not just their minarets.  No amount of spin by the government can gloss over that fact.

In a way its pretty horrible that the people of Switzerland could be so intolerant.  There really is no need for such a ban, and it is after all part of their faith for whatever reason.  Now a whole bunch of people feel unwelcome and insulted.  That’s never a good thing.

But you know me, I think it really is a delight, but it doesn’t go far enough, why stop at banning minarets?  Go the whole way and ban mosques, ban church towers and bells, ban statues of buddah.  The sooner the better that we get rid of these ridiculous wastes of money.  The constructions of useless buildings costs millions of dollars, money that could be better spent on actually helping people in need.  You know deep down that its the right thing to do.

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