Circumcision and The Almighty Ego


Doctor Booba,  a jewish female doctor has taken the time to comment about male circumcision.  You can already see where this is going to go.
Last month a German  Court ruled that circumcision of an infant is wrong and those doing it should be punished.  This was after an 4 year old muslim lad had complications.
Well, the jews and the muslims think that circumcision is a good idea, both religions insist on it for religious reason, so you can imagine the outrage from the religious nutters!
It’s worth remembering that boys have died from complications with circumcision.  Remember the lad in New York who had his penis slurped on as part of the ceremony, only to contract herpes from a dirty mouth and die.  That alone is sufficient reason to get religion out of circumcision.
cut me

You’ll only feel a small prick

And religion is what it’s all about.  The deity that called itself The Almighty insisted the Abram lop his foreskin off. So, The Almighty Ego promised that he would give land to the now named Abraham.  He promised to make Abraham the father of nations, and that his seed would enjoy the same privilege, oh, and The Almighty Ego promised to be his god.  How kind.

Abraham is told by The Almighty that he will have to keep this agreement, there’s no negotiation and as a token he has to take his foreskin off.  For every newborn baby boy, on the 8th day the foreskin will have to be cut off.
Abraham is clearly so excited by all of this that the 90 year old then cuts his own dick and goes on to do that same to all the men within his household.  How crazed do you have to be?  Suddenly your father and master is cutting your foreskin off.
Back to the Booba.  Let’s look at what she’s written in her blog:
Of course, this criminalization of male circumcision affects Jews as well.
No it doesn’t, it effects 8 day old boys only. They’re the ones that don’t get a say in the process.
Therefore I personally think that this ruling will not hold up because the Muslims will protest and nobody wants a Muslim protest!  Imagine all the burning Mercedes-Benzes and Audis and the loss of Ordnung in the street. Unconscionable.
What a load of rubbish!  Is The Booba is actually suggesting that there will be riots in the streets and that this will force the decision to be overturned?
So I would think that, ironically, it will probably be the Muslims who will save the day so the Jews will be able to continue a 3,000-year-old practice which is so dangerous, that Jews are still around. So traumatizing to the helpless infant that Jews still win more Nobel Prizes than anyone else.
Umm… ok.  So, because the traumatised boy doesn’t recall the cutting off of his foreskin it’s ok to continue?  I’d suggest that if the age of circumcision was moved to 18 and the young man was given a choice, he’d say no.  Why?  Because the idea of cutting anything off your body is a disturbing thought.  Our tackle is carefully guarded because to injure it is a truly frightening prospect.  The religious nutters have to resort to doing it at 8 days after birth, because they know full well that a grown up man would not think it was a good idea at all.  Interestingly enough, people win Nobel Prizes regardless of the state of their penis.  It’s also interesting to note that most jewish children don’t go on to win Nobel Prizes.  Or Logie awards for that matter.
Yes, it is so dangerous that, in Africa, adult males are clamoring to be circumcised as it has been shown to be effective against the transmission of HIV.
 Well no.  I don’t think that any uncircumcised male would be clamoring to have his foreskin cut off.  You didn’t think that through very well.  Jews love to use this as proof that they’re right.  To them the fact that a small study in Africa vindicates their desire to circumcise little boys.
Yes, yes, I know what the issues are here; it’s about harming a child who has no ability to consent to a non-medically necessary procedure. Even if his parents request the procedure, even if the operator is a doctor. The issue is also about the transcendence of the Body over the Soul. Now, where have I heard that before? Oh yes, the Ancient Greeks. And the Romans.  And the Soviets. And where are they today?
Here The Booba seems to be suggesting that the Greeks, Romans and Soviets have disappeared because they put the body over that of the soul.  Which seems rather a ridiculous position.  The Greeks and the Romans eventually turned into christian religions who have spread their virus all around the world, and as far as I know the Soviets still have their nuclear weapons pointed our way.
I know that this topic tends to generate more heat than light when it is argued. There are comparisons made to female genital mutilation, which is already illegal in Germany and other countries, as if the two procedures could be remotely compared in outcomes and effects on the child’s future. As if there is a skerrick of evidence that FGM had any positive outcomes either! Not a one, only damage to girls for no reason except ‘to protect their honour’, whatever that is construed to mean. Whereas male circumcision sometimes needs to be done for medical reasons –which IS allowed under this German ruling – and can protect against HIV, for example, female genital mutilation has only negative effects on girls and women, no matter how small the cut or what is or isn’t excised or stitched up. So making both male circumcision and FGM illegal serves to lump them together in a most unfair and disingenuous way.
 Right now I’m shaking my head.  The similarities are justified, whether or male or female, having your genitals mutilated for any reason is wrong.  There is no doubt that sometimes the foreskin needs to be removed for medical reasons.  The claim that it protects against HIV is simply wrong and to suggest that it be done just in case is akin to suggesting that big toes be removed because the toe nail may become ingrown.  A woman is quick to deny the mutilation of her own bits while defending the right to mutilate the bits of males.  How rude.
The Brit Milah is an eternal covenant between G-d and the Jews. Now, G-d could have thought of other ways to make a covenant, I guess. If it has to be seared into the flesh, why not a piercing or a tattoo? I’m no Talmid Chochom or mystic, and I sure don’t know the mind of G-d, but it seems to me that the foreskin is accessible and expendable.
Expendable? How would you know?  The foreskin is a protective layer of skin.  It protects the man’s penis.  You a woman think it’s expendable?  The concept of circumcision was a token to a covenant that The Almighty Ego appears to have broken. Why do jews continue to pretend otherwise?
, but more, the penis represents the propagation of the Jewish people as well as the source of pleasure for Man. With great privilege comes great responsibility! How amazing is that, that the source of these two vital – literally, ‘vital’ pertaining to ‘vitum’, life force – functions has this little removable turtleneck!
No, the foreskin is not removable, any more than your ears are.  It’s not like there’s a little zip.  To remove the foreskin you have to cut with a very sharp knife.  There’s blood and much crying.
So what about doing this procedure on a child who is unable to give legal consent? Whose parents, despite the fact that they take the baby for immunizations without consent, and force the child to go to school, and make a child eat broccoli, certainly without consent, and are thus in charge of the child’s welfare, both spiritual and physical- suddenly have no legal or moral authority to have their son circumcised.
Last time I checked immunizations are done for the welfare of the child and the community at large.  Not so with circumcision.  As far as I know parents feed their children broccoli because it’s good for them and helps them grow, not so with circumcision.  Education is vital and important to live in our modern society, not so with circumcision.  Neither education, immunisation or food require the removal of a sensitive piece of skin.
Suddenly, despite a 3,000 year tradition which has such enormous power and meaning, and no doubt has contributed to the continued existence of the Jews, is illegal. Suddenly The Rights Of The Child To Have An Intact And Perfect Body And Not Have Anything Done With Which He Cannot Consent, is sacrosanct. As a result of a ruling in a German court. I find this a little ironic on several levels.
There is no enormous power derived from cutting the foreskin.  Whether or not it contributes to the ongoing existence of the jewish culture is debatable.  There are of course a whole range of traditions that have gone by the wayside of the last 3,000 years.
It was the Jews, after all, who, under G-d’s command, abhorred Avodah Zara, idol worship, including the worship of Moloch, which involved mothers sacrificing their children by throwing them into the idol’s fiery maw and burning them alive. It was the Jews who came up with the whole idea of ‘Choosing Life’, and ‘He who saves a single life, it is as if he has saved the whole world’ and that ‘Man is a microcosm’ and ‘Man is created in the image of G-d.’ It sure wasn’t the Enlightened Germans who ran with that ball. But I digress.
Really?  So you think that because a little bit of skin is cut off the jews have some sort of special place in the world?  Are you suggesting that non jewish mothers think it’s ok to throw their children into the fire to be burned alive?  This coming from a faith that messed with Abraham by having The Almighty Ego attempt to get him to sacrifice his own son and burn him as an offering.  The same god that killed all the first born in Egypt based only on the splash of blood on the door posts.  So much for choosing and saving life.
Brit Milah may seem like a minor procedure performed on a minor, but it’s of major importance. And the Jews will find a way to continue the eternal covenant. We always have.
 Circumcision is a minor procedure that has a major impact on boys.  The fact that grown up jews find a way to keep this going is a demonstration of the arrogance of religion.  And lets face it, the requirement to circumcise is based on one man, that we have no evidence every existed, that thought that The Almighty Ego was going to give him land and make nations out of his descendants.  In his zeal he not only took a knife and cut his own foreskin off,  a questionable feat, he did the same to his 13 year old son and then to all of the other men in his household.
In 2012 such men would be rightly locked up.
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3 Responses to Circumcision and The Almighty Ego

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  2. Duane says:

    Hi Bruce,
    It’s great to hear you once again attempting to stand up for what you think is right.
    It’s a pity that your same level of concern doesn’t seem to exist for the unborn. For them, you seem happy to let the parents destroy the whole body and mind, yet if they manage to take a few breaths you suddenly become their greatest advocate. Can you see some inconsistency here? From the Bible I read, I personally don’t see the value in circumcision as we’re told that a new covenant exists that replaces the old and that “circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing.” I also note your strong support for changes in legislation to allow two cohabiting people to see their desires fulfilled without consultation of the child who is being procured. (Are they usually of an age to decide for themselves anyway?) Just because damage done in this environment isn’t obvious to the eye doesn’t prove that it isn’t there….and yet you can stand in judgement of a parent who’s actions are derived, not from a whim or emotion, but their ethos? A side note to this is that like Abram (a.k.a. Abraham), many people of faith have very real experiences hearing from God. Abram had this happen several times, which I suspect is why he didn’t think twice about snipping the skin off when he was told to. Bruce, I encourage you to go and interview people who do hear from God and you will likely gain better understanding of the strong compulsion that moves people to perform acts like circumcision. In regard to your comment about religion and arrogance, it’s usually a case of obedience; if your two bosses tell you to do opposing actions, which will you listen to? Wouldn’t it be the one who has more authority? So here we are again….it all comes down to a perspective of what is right and wrong. Some will spend a lifetime trying to follow a leading and some will attempt to sit in judgement of them, in favour of their own opinions.

    • Bruce says:

      Hi Duane,

      The idea that the master of the universe is communicating to people by talking directly to them is simply crazy and no way to run things. There’s medication available for people who hear voices.

      There’s nothing wrong with abortion. I suspect you’re talking about late term abortions. At some point there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. At present that line is live birth, but in Victoria abortion is available up to 24 weeks, thereafter two doctors need to give the nod. I think that sounds like ample protection.

      Show me any child that asks to be born into what ever situation. Are children asked to be born into poverty? Are children asked to be born to an abusive mother? Your line of reasoning is flawed.

      In regard to your comment about religion and arrogance, it’s usually a case of obedience;

      That’s just a cop out, there is no god dictating the terms. That’s all make believe.