Blasphemy is crazy shit


I wrote about the crazy situation in Pakistan here where a woman is to be stoned to death because of some stupid blasphemy charge.

Then a Pakistani governor was gunned down by his own body guard because he spoke out against the blasphemy laws.

The country has been in uproar!  You’d think that the citizens would be out in the street decrying the outright murder, but no.  They think that the body guard is a hero.  How insane is that?

Now the Prime Minister has stated quite clearly that his government has no intention of changing the blasphemy laws.

Islam is screwy and unbalanced.  The religion causes great harm and its people take offence at mere words that don’t hurt anyone.  The response of the citizens of Pakistan shows the danger of religion in our world, and it’s yet again a clear indication of the full extent of harm that it causes.

Even pope bendydick, glad in his pure white marvels, thinks that Pakistan should repeal the laws.  Of course, bendydick is only concerned about his flock being stoned, he really doesn’t give a flying toss about anyone else and probably thinks that blasphemy should be punished if a muslim says something nice about the stick-hanging jesus.


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