Get ya gear off


In Belgium and France they want to ban the burqa1.  That’s the mobile tarpaulin worn by muslim women at the insistence of their men folks.

Of course, some women might like to actually wear the thing.  Should we let them?

In another view of the world gone crazy, here we have a secular state trying to ban a religious garb.  You can hide behind whatever ‘rule’ you want, you can talk about how the burqa is a threat to security, or how you don’t want to have any outward signs of religion on display.  But I think it’s clear what we really want.  We want to stamp out Islam.  We want them to stop treating their women as something that needs to be hidden from men.

Burqas are a form of control, by men. We all deserve better respect.  The men of Islam need to get over themselves and start treating the rest of the world with respect and understand that their goat herder, sheep fucking, child molesting religion is not worth a crock of shit and their petty god is make believe.

Pat Condell has some wonderful things to say about the burqa.

  1. Read the history of the thing on Wikipedia
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