Let’s get rid of democracy


Some rabid muslim leader wants Australian muslims to shun democracy because apparently it’s forbidden, no human is suppose to make laws, only their goat fucking god can do that.

He said democracy was incompatible with Islam because the Koran insisted Allah was the sole lawmaker, and Muslim political involvement could not be based on “secular and erroneous concepts such as democracy and freedom”

This ‘leader’ is from the UK, visiting Australia, both nations are democracies, he lives in a democracy and takes full advantage of it.

A non-Muslim attendant at the conference, Ervin Zurell, provoked mild consternation among the audience when he asked why Muslims don’t “go back to the country you came from”.

That is indeed a good question, why if you feel that way would you live in a democracy.  I would imagine it’s because of the freedom  they enjoy.  So, if you are the one in control, if you can be a ‘leader’ then sure, you want to get rid of people’s right to disagree and throw you out of office, that’s what these nutcases want to do.

Another clear example of why religion is crap and should be purged from the planet, along with all the bogans from the western suburbs.

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