Black eyed virgins

On television in Egypt you can watch the local clerics telling you how to get yourself a black eyed virgin, that’s a virgin who’s irises are black, not a virgin who’s been given a black eye by their nutter husband.

The video has a bunch of middle aged men telling their faithful followers that they or their sons should be martyrs. That they should be prepared to kill themselves for allah, that the bullets ripping through their bodies will be like angel kisses and there will be black eyed virgins waiting for them in heaven.  They use sex a lot to sell the concept.

These same middle aged men don’t seem to have taken up the offer of virgins.  In fact they seem very much alive and quite ready to throw the lives of young innocent and virginal boys away while they sit in nice TV studios telling the rest of us how to live our lives for allah.

You’d reckon someone would call them to task and tell them just how stupid their religion is.  Oh, that’s right, we’re not allowed to insult others deeply held believes.

Bullshit to that.

Islam is a crock of shit and should be purged from the planet, just like every other belief in sky pixies.

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One Response to Black eyed virgins

  1. Love Llama says:

    I’d take up the cause if they had a team of beefy rugby player virgins on the other side, all hot, sweaty, hairy and massive cocks.