Just pick the right bits

The holy babble is full of things to do.  Christians in particular are really good at just picking out the bits they want and leaving the nasty stuff alone.

Oh no, they say, all that nasty stuff, before jesus was born of the BVM, doesn’t count anymore.  This jesus we are lead to believe is the son of god, and, depending on who you listen to is in fact god, so therefore, all that stuff in the old book of the bible is his rules too.  Pretty nasty bit of work the ole jc, just like his old man, who is his father, but not sexually, but also he is his own father because they are the same person, but split, one of them died as a sacrifice for the sins of the people to appease the other one, but yet they are the same one.

And people believe this?

Here’s a good short video of the bible – shows just how stupid and inane it is.  Our morality can not be derived from this hateful book that is cherry picked for the good bits only….

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  1. Andrew says:

    Great video. Kind of lays it bare