Parliament of World Religions

Like a swarm of gnats descending on a pile of shit the parliament of the worlds religions has landed in Melbourne.

The streets are adorned with much love and people wearing silly hats and dresses.  The worlds largest interfaith event is on its way.  Never mind that they can’t agree on the simple things, like what is god, where does she hang out and has there ever been a llama born of an alpaca.

You can catch Canon Gideon Byamugisha1, he’ll be pointing out the complexity of moral challenges around HIV/AIDS in Africa.  I hope the catholic church is listening and getting ready to issue the condoms.  The people don’t need religion, they need protection.  Recently the Ugandan parliament consider the death penalty for homosexuals2, not only do they want to put people who are gay to death, they also want to lock up anyone who helps them.  As far as I know pope bendydick has not even spoken out about this outrage.  There’s a challenge to the parliament of world religions, start calling some of these extremist to account for their backward attitudes.

Federal, State and Local governments have given millions3 to the conference, to help fund this quaint sky pixie fest.  These are some of the richest organisation on the planet, god is on their side and they still need fucking help.  Why didn’t they just go down on bended knee and ask god to provide.  Oh, that’s right, they did and the grand pooh-bah gnat provided funding from my taxes.  Mind you, those same funders didn’t see fit to fund the atheist convention happening early next year, apparently the grand pooh-bah gnat wasn’t so keen on them.

When justifying why the fairy-tale believers should be funded Reverend Tim Costello, a patron of the world’s religions event, said it was important to support the forum, as “90 per cent of the world is deeply religious”.  He then went on to say “In a global context, most of the world is profoundly religious, and there literally can’t be peace without religious peace.”  Well he got that right.  But you’ll never achieve world peace through religion, one of the key tenets of most religions is that they have the eternal truth and all the answers and everyone else is wrong.  This means that they feel compelled in their own way to make everyone believe like they do.  I’ve said it myself, the world would be a much better place if everyone just believed like I do.  Of course, I’m right and everyone else is wrong.  If I could just get myself a band of loyal followers we can set about converting the world to my brand of… oh.. nothingness?  And 90% of the world is deeply religious?  Deeply?  On what basis do you make that rather grand claim?  But its ok, he doesn’t have to provide any evidence because its all about faith, just trust him, he’s a reverend.

There’s a lot of focus at the parliament of world wankers on the environment this year.  Lots of talk about how religion can ‘heal’ the world, as if its some sort of being you can pat on the head and say ‘there, there, let me kiss it better’.  Our world doesn’t need spiritual assistance to survive, it needs toss pots like you to stay at home and stop burning fossil fuels to spread your vile religions.  Stop consuming so much energy trying to spread the word and focus on how to reduce your impact on the world.

So they’ll sit around for a week each pretending to respect and love the people of different faiths, but each really thinking how stupid it is to believe that crap.  They’ll pass some resolution about protecting themselves and make grand claims about world peace and how to feed the starving, how to save the world from us and so on, then they’ll all go home and tell the faithful how grand it all was, they’ll go on praying to their god on bended knee and waiting for things to change, but that’s it, they won’t actually do anything.  Oh, some of them might build some new churches and talk about ways of getting the young people back.  Poverty, war and disaster will continue unabated thanks to the ongoing tragedy of the belief that there is something out there taking a keen interest in us.

  1. The first Ugandan priest to admit he was HIV positive – check his WIKIPEDIA page
  3. $2 million from Federal and State, $500,00 from the City of Melbourne SOURCE
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